Sainsbury Gift Card | Where can I Buy, Use or Redeem a Sainsbury Gift Cards

Sainsbury gift card is a physical gift card (plastic like card), loaded with any amount ranging from £1 to £750. This gift card can be used at any Sainsbury stores nationwide.

Sainsbury is one of the most frequently visited supermarkets, with over 1000 retail stores within and across UK. The Sainsbury supermarket is owned by Qatar Investment Authority.

The Sainsbury supermarket offers its users a Sainsbury Physical gift card for easy access, and convenient shopping online at

This gift card offers all applicable users a choice of products and groceries to suit all your budgets and occasion.

It gives its beneficial users access to:

  • Checking their gift card balance.
  • Viewing transaction history.
  • And lastly, blocking of a lost or stolen gift card.

sainsbury gift card

Whatever the occasion maybe, the gift card is just the best gift . Sainsbury gift card can be used to purchase quality designers wears, home wares, and coffers in all Sainsbury stores across UK.

A list of Sainsbury stores includes;

  • Manchester stores
  • Glasgow stores
  • London stores
  • Cardiff stores
  • Bristol stores
  • Edinburgh stores
  • Nottingham stores
  • Reading stores
  • Southampton stores, etc.

You might want to ask questions like:

Where Can I see Sainsbury Gift Card Expiry Date?

The expiration date can be seen at the back of the gift card when purchased.

Can Sainsbury Gift Card Serve as Payment?

Yes, it can be used as both full or part payment for goods purchased at Sainsbury supermarket Ltd.

Are there any Restrictions to the use of Sainsbury Gift Card?

Yes, It cannot be used for exchange or use to pay for Sainsbury credit card, Sainsbury bank products, and concession products.

My Sainsbury Gift Card is stolen, what should I do?

Simple, if it is stolen, lost or damaged kindly visit the Sainsbury nearby store close to you and request for blocking of the gift card.

Any means of refund on lost or stolen Sainsbury Card?

No, once a gift card is stolen or lost, Sainsbury does not give refunds on balance spent on a lost Sainsbury gift card.

How long does a Sainsbury gift card last?

Sainsbury gift card last 2years after the time of purchase.

Can I get a Sainsbury gift card on Sainsbury online?

It is currently unavailable online but can be gotten from Sainsbury stores.

Where can I Redeem a Sainsbury Gift Card?

Sainsbury Physical gift card is redeemable on many quality products in Sainsbury stores.

How do I find a nearest Sainsbury Store?

To find a nearest Sainsbury store around you, simply;

  • Visit
  • Scroll down to the bottom left of the page and click the search near you tab.
  • Enter you post code
  • Click search.

How do I manage my Sainsbury gift card?

You can manage your Sainsbury gift card by registering your gift card, simply;

  • Visit
  • Click register my card
  • Follow the necessary process to complete the registration.

The cards are well designed and packaged in a unique envelope which gives it a more greater look to suit any occasion.

However Sainsbury gift card is reusable and can be reloaded as many times as you like.

Note: Before you can use a purchased this gift card, you must own a valid Sainsbury online shopping account.

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