How To Download Google Chrome On Android, Computer, And iPhone Devices Free

How To Download Google Chrome On Android, Computer, And iPhone Devices– Google chrome is one of the most popular and powerful web browsers. Developed by Google, the Google Chrome browser was launched in 2008 for Microsoft windows built with free software from Mozilla Firefox, Apple, Mac OS, iOS, Android.

Stay productive with Google Chrome and get more out of your browser with apps like Gmail, Google pay, and Google assistant. Take control of your online safety with Google chrome browser, chrome ensure to protect your data and privacy online with easy-to-use privacy controls. Chrome also gives room for you to customize your settings and browsing experience to suit your needs

Download Google Chrome

Google chrome is fast and free before you downloading the Google Chrome browser on your device ensure to check if Google Chrome supports your operating system. Here are some helpful features from google chrome.

Google Chrome Helpful Features

Themes/dark modes

You can choose various themes and colors you can also activate dark mode to suit your mood from Google chrome.

Stay organized with tabs

Tabs assist you in keep track of your multiple pages, stay, organized, multi-task. You can pin tabs to automatically open your frequently used websites you can also keep tags for better organizations.

More controls over your media

You can easily control videos, music, playing in any chrome tab, you can simply open the media hub to gain access controls to manage what’s playing or pop out a video to view it in picture in picture mode.

Keep your accounts separate

Keep all your chrome information like bookmarks, history, passwords, separate with profiles, it’s an ideal way for sharing your computer with multiple individuals or keeping different accounts separate, like work and personal.

How to download Google Chrome on your Computer: Windows & mac

Here is a step by step guide on how to download Google Chrome on your Windows and mac PC

  • Ensure to download the installation file
  • Click on run or save, if prompted
  • Double click on download, if you selected to save to start downloading
  • Start chrome: windows 7: A opens once everything is done

 Windows 8/8.1 opens a welcome dialogue, then  proceed to click on next to select your default browser

Windows 10: automatically opens after everything is done

Download Google Chrome on Mac

  • Download installation file
  • Open the file named “google, find chrome”
  • You will be asked to enter an admin password, after you drag Google Chrome to the application folder, if you don’t know the password, drag Google Chrome to place it on your computer where you can edit
  • Open chrome
  • Open folder
  • Click on eject in the sidebar, to the right of Google chrome.

Download Google Chrome on Android

To download google chrome on Android phones and tablets follow the steps below

  • Access the Google Play Store on your device
  • Tap on the search bar and type google chrome
  • Tap on install
  • To start browsing after installation has been completed, go to the home of all apps
  • Tap on chrome

Download Google Chrome on iPhone & iPad

To download google chrome on your iPhones and ipads:

  • Access your iOS store from your apple device
  • Top on the search bar to search for Google chrome app
  • Provide your Apple ID password and tap on ok
  • Open the app to start browser

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