Top 8 Best TV Repair Shop Near Me in Washington, DC – Flat Screen TV Repair Near Me in Washington

Best TV Repair Shop Near Me in Washington, DC – In need of a TV Repairman? Worry no more, because we’ve got you covered on how you could get to the nearest shop close to you in Washington, DC.

No one wants to go through technical issues after a long hard day at work or even during the weekend, so there’ll be a guide on how to resolve some possible minor issues which might not necessarily need a technician’s help when you could check out yourself.

TV Repair Shop Near Me in Washington, DC

Although if it’s beyond your control, provisions for the locations and websites of shops closer to you in Washington DC will be made available. Read on and learn more

The issues you might encounter with your TV Screen (DIY TV Repairs)

Below will be some possible issues you might encounter and minor check-ins you might just try out. Don’t forget, if it’s beyond what you feel you can handle, this article has made provision for shops near you in Washington DC that will help out with your TV repairs. The minor issues and tips on how to fix them are:

Cathode ray tube: be careful, there’s no recommendation on dismantling a CRT TV and trying out internal repairs so once you notice that it has to do with any internal repairs, call an expert immediately.

  1.  If there isn’t a picture on the screen, make sure it’s connected to the power source securely mad is working well, if it is, head to your settings. Check out the options from the settings (i.e. brightness, contrast, sharpness, and vertical/horizontal line) if they are all fine, try changing the fuse in the plug ( check for a guide on how to replace the plug fuse ). If both the settings and fuse plug are okay and it’s still not working, you’ll need to call an engineer.

  2. If there’s a poor quality sound or no sound at all, it might be as a result of low supply voltage or there’ll be a problem with the speakers or faulty wiring is another common cause of this poor quality sound on a CRT TV so with all does, you’ll need to contact a technician or possibly get a new TV if it becomes a reoccurring issue.
  3. TV Screen Repair- Flat-screen TVs: being careful always should be your number one priority. If you notice that your flat screen TV will be needing an internal repair, please don’t try fixing it yourself just call a technician.

Flat-screen TVs often have capacitors that could cause electrical shocks even after they are unplugged and sometimes contains dangerous chemicals. There are three types of screen.

There are LCD(Liquid Crystal Display), LED ( Light Emitting Diode), and PDP ( Plasma Display Panel) screens. The three-screen types can have issues though, modern TVs don’t go through as many problems ad the old CRT TVs. Basic issues you might encounter are:

  1. If you have sound but no picture, check out the wires and make sure they are all plugged in correctly to the right sockets. Once you’ve done that, try increasing the brightness and contrast for any improvement, and still, if they’re still isn’t any, contact a professional Tv repair near you in Washington DC or check out the location of one below.
  2. When there’s no sound when your TV is on, head to your Settings Menu, to see if someone changed the sound settings mistakenly. If the sound settings are perfect and still no positive changes, head to the nearest TV repair shop close to you in Washington DC.
  3. If your screen is covered with black bars, there are no safe TV repairs that can fix this so, you’ll just use a compatible device to stop seeing those black bars.

Should I Pay for TV repairs or Should I Replace?

If your flat screen TVs warranty is up, and it starts developing faults, its better to replace it than undergoing common repairs on issues. Though if you prefer to repair it, TV repair shops near you in Washington DC will be given below. Read on

Best TV Repair Near Me in Washington DC

Get a local nearby Repairman when it time to fix your TV to save you the stress of searching profoundly. Below are  TV repair shops near you in Washington DC, which are:  

A-1 1TV Sales & Service

This TV repair shop in Washington DC is one of the best  TV repair companies that holds a security stance to complete many repairs onsite as well as stock repairs for a number of large chain stores. Repairs on audio and video equipment are possible and this shop was established in 1957.

  • Opens: 10 am – 5 pm
  • Contact the Business for more info regarding recent service changes regarding Covid19
  • Services Offered: Appliance Repair, Dishwasher Repair, Electric Appliance Repair, Oven Repair, Oven Repair, Cooktop Repair, Dryer Repair, Microwave Repair, Project Repair, etc.
  • Location/ Address: 2141 Industrial Pkwy Ste 102, Silver Spring, MD 20904.

PWS Electronics

This Close-by shop in Washington DC specializes in home and carry-in Television Repair. There’ll be free estimates on all carry service being one of the Best TV Repair shops in Washington DC.

  • Service offered: TV repair
  • For the Covid-19 update, contact the business for more information on recent service changes.
  • Opens: 9 am – 6 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ( Closed), Friday, Saturday (10 am – 3 pm), and Sunday ( Closed).
  • Amenities and More: Accepts Credit Cards, Bike Parking, Private Lot Parking, etc.

Location/ Address: 5408 Port Royal Rd, Springfield, VA 22151

Burke Electronics

This shop at Washington DC renders services like Flat screen installations, audio and video sales, repairs, and more. It’s  family owned and operated and was established in 1975.

  • Opens: 9am -5pm  Mondays – Saturday, Sundays are closed.
  • Get in touch with the business for recent updates/ changes  regarding Covid-19 .
  • Services Offered: project repair, sound system repair, radio repair and TV repair.
  • Amenities and More: accepts credit cards  and offers Military Discount.

Location/ Address: 12780 Marblestone Dr, Woodbridge, VA 22192.

Freddy Electronics

In the Freddy Electronics which is in Washington DC, they repair all makes and models of any electronic unit. For example, HDTV, LCD, digital TV, big screen, flat screen, plasma, DLP, Led, CRT, projection TV, Home theater, and lots more. They’ve been in business for over 25 years and still counting.

  • Opens: 8 am – 8 pm daily ( but is currently closed).
  • Get Covid-19 updates by contacting the business.
  • Amenities and More: accepts Credit Cards
  • Location/ Address: 330 N Stonestreet Ave, Rockville, MD 20890.

Nard’s Entertainment

This shop is a local company specializing in Satellite Equipment & System, Audio Visual equipment repair. They service Commercial accounts, Smart buildings, Dc Metro Market and they’ve got over 40 years of experience.

  • Opens: 8am – 5pm but is currently closed Monday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Check out for Covid-19 updates by contacting the business for more info .
  • Amenities: accepts credit cards.
  • Location/Address: 6821 Whittier Ave, Mc Lean, VA 22101 .

Departure Complete

It renders services like a digital media company with all their workers giving you a professional and exceptional service. If gives a full range satellite TV and high speed internet sales and installation. The Departure Complete is one of the best shops in Washington DC  and was established in 2014.

  • Opens: 10 am – 5 pm ( however, it’s currently closed Monday Saturday, and Sunday ).
  • Check the business out for Covid-19 updates.
  • Amenities and More: Accepts Credit Cards, bike parking, Street parking, Dogs are allowed, it’s wheelchair accessible, offers Military Discount, open to All, etc.
  • Locate/Address: 321A South Royal Ave, Front Royal, VA 22630.

Bridges Technology

The bridges Technology which is one of the best TV Repair shops in Washington DC is perfect with anything that’s got wires. There got you covered on computer repairs, set up of commercial surveillance system to mount your flat-screen TV and more. The mind-blowing dude of this business is that it’s owned by a local businesswoman and was established in 2015.

  • Opens: 8 am – 6 pm Tuesday – Friday, then 8 am – 4 pm on Saturday. It’s currently closed on Monday and Sunday.
  • For Covid-19 updates on any changes, contact the business.
  • Amenities and More: accepts credit cards and offers Military Discount.
  • Location/ Address: Boonsboro, MD 21713 .

MIM’s Group

Being one of the best TV repair shop in Washington DC, MIM’S Group focuses in local and international shipping, currency exchange, IT services ( both hard and soft ware) etc. They make sure each customers satisfaction is their priority.

  • It Opens 8 am – 6:30 pm ( daily).
  • Updated services include In-Person visits, Shipping, and Virtual Consultations.
  • Heath and Safety Measures: Temperature checks, staff wear mask and gloves, there’ll be a provision of hand sanitizer, social distancing enforced, etc.
  • Highlights from the business: woman-owned operated, locally owned and operated, shipping during covid-19, offers commercial services, offers customized solutions, and minority-owned and operated.
  • Devices Offered: Cloud services, Laptop repairs, hardware services, hard drive installation, virtual consultations, custom computer services, hard drive repair, etc.
  • Amenities and More: accepts credit cards, In-Person visits, etc.
  • Locate/ Address: Landover, MD 20785.

With all those, getting to one of the best nearest TV Repair shops in Washington DC shouldn’t be an issue. Get that TV repaired and enjoy all the entertainment.

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