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River island which was set up by BENARD LEWIS and his brothers in 1948. Boasts about the ownership of over 300 stores, spanning from the UK to Ireland, to the Middle East and Asia. They operate online also and have multiple websites in diverse currencies. This alone shows just how much they have spread their tentacles all around the UK, and major parts of the world.

River island

Having been in existence for over 60 years and daily raking up valued experiences in retailing. They have established themselves as a top brand, which has boosted them in the sights of their ever-increasing fan/customer base.


Living up to the words of their motto ‘Love Fashion, Love River Island’,. They have built a company that has been able to target customers with great taste in fashion, and are focusing on the younger population that have the drive to slay in terms of fashion. They still have vintage designs of the late 90’s, stacked up in their shops.

River Island offers greatly in bringing out their fashions in categories. They have distinguished wears for casual dressing, extravagant dressing,  occasional wears,  dinner and romantic wears etc. These groupings make it easier for customers to find exactly what they are looking for, at the right place and save their time.

River island has taken it upon themselves to package themselves to becoming the perfect place where you can get a brand new look from your head to your toes with their fashion products and accessories. All these and many more are housed in their largely accommodative and easily accessible website. This website was created to be very appealing, and designed in a way to make it easy for customers to sort for products in sections.


  • They boast about having a spectacular team that handles all their designs. And they are known for creating almost all their products within. This alone has set them apart greatly from other highly rated retailing brands.
  • Unlike other brands who fall short by not being able to reach the demands of their workers, River Island has done the exact opposite, and have created a plan for the long-term that is aimed at Improving the working conditions in all the countries where their works are being carried out.
    Doing that alone will ensure that workers put in all efforts, to make sure that the goals of the business are attained.
  • River Island recently linked up with companies having new waves of technological tools. This link grants them the ability to access great technology boost-ups that would rapidly increase their production rates and in turn boost their output returns.
  • Recently they opened up a scheme, that brought up fashion for kids. It is called ‘mini me’, and this was largely welcomed by their customers, as people now have the chance of dressing up their kids in fabulous ways.
  • River Island has one of their greatest strength lying in the fact that they have a great customer base. They have deservedly earned this by producing top-notch high-quality fashion products that have gone on to earn the trust of millions of persons worldwide.

They are also marketed strongly by the fact that they are constantly collaborating with major celebs, and they did so with Rihanna recently and attracted loads of Rihanna’s fans who may not have even heard or shopped at River island before.

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