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A necklace is a carefully designed piece of jewelry that is worn around the neck. They can be made by using metals or woven into form from clothing using strings. They could also be made out of various objects including

  • Precious stones (gems)
  • Polished wood
  • Glass
  • Beads.

They are not bound to be worn by a certain group of people only, as it can be worn by both males and females from all ages and sizes. They are used by all cultures in the world. It comes in different shapes and sizes generally used as a form of beautification.

History Of Necklaces

Necklaces have stamped their authority as being a member of the jewelry family since the beginning of civilization,  and probably even before notes were taken down in forms of writing.

Necklace has been predicted to be as old as the stone ages (about 30000 years ago.). The types of necklace existing then were made of stones and other natural materials including bones, teeth, shells, or even the skin of dead animals.

With advancement from the Stone Age, materials like the twine and strings started becoming available and were used in making necklaces.

Then presumably came the bronze age, where humans learned how to turn metals into shapes with the use of heat. These metals were then used to create necklaces with great aesthetic values that were attractive to the average human eyes. In the modern contemporary world, more metals are readily available to create these necklaces. And advancements were made in terms of refining naturally occurring stones, thereby purifying them to make them more attractive and glittering.

Types of Necklaces Available

The necklace-type could be categorized according to different factors. They are as follows;


These necklaces seem to be longer when worn around the neck. Examples of such necklaces include

  • choker (long and stays high on the neck)
  • MATINEE(typically single, and rest above the breast)
  • Opera (long and sits on the breastbone)
  • Princess (slightly longer than a choker)
  • Lariat (worn in a manner that drapes it multiple times around the neck).
  1. Classification by Adornment

These necklace types are shown based on the accessory that is attached to it to improve its aesthetic values. Examples of them include;

  • Diamond necklaces (containing diamonds)
  • Pearls (contains pearls arranged uniformly or non-uniformly)
  • Cross (carrying metals symbolizing Christianity)
  • Riviene (gems are arranged following the same shapes and sizes.

Why Dou Need Necklaces

It perform a major function of adding both beauty and style to individuals putting it on. The necklace goes well with various types of clothing because of their simple yet elegant nature. They could also serve as gifts to individuals on special occasions, as the type of necklaces is significant for different occasions.

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