Land a Job As A Highly Educated Migrant Seeking Employment In The Netherlands

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If you are a highly educated migrant seeking employment in the Netherlands, it is now possible to land a job and obtain a work visa sponsored by the country, as previously mentioned. This development brings positive prospects for individuals contemplating relocation.

One advantageous aspect of the Netherlands is that fluency in Dutch is not necessarily a prerequisite. English serves as the primary language of business in numerous companies. Nevertheless, acquiring proficiency in Dutch can enhance your opportunities. In the event that you are not fluent in Dutch, it is advisable to seek employment within a large international corporation operating in the Netherlands.

When working for a smaller company, it is highly likely that proficiency in Dutch will be mandatory for active participation in meetings or delivering presentations.

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Qualifications Needed To Land a Job As a Highly Educated Migrant Seeking Employment In The Netherlands

To increase your likelihood of securing employment as a highly educated migrant in the Netherlands, possessing a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is highly advantageous. It is recommended to consult Nuffic, the organization for international cooperation in education, to determine whether your specific qualification or profession is recognized or regulated in the Netherlands.

Once you have made the decision to relocate to the Netherlands, it is crucial to ensure that you bring along your diplomas, degree certificates, as well as employer references and testimonials. These documents will be valuable assets during your job search and application process.

How To Find Jobs In The Netherlands

For highly educated migrants looking to land a job, there are several resources and platforms available in the Netherlands.

Expatica Jobs: Expatica Jobs offers a wide range of job opportunities, including English-speaking and multilingual positions in various industries such as sales, IT, and more. These opportunities are particularly abundant in cities like Amsterdam and other major Dutch cities throughout the Netherlands.

UWV: UWV Werkzoekenden is a public employment service that operates through a network of partner sites and employment agencies. It provides valuable support and resources for job seekers.

Job Websites: Numerous job websites cater specifically to English-language and multilingual job seekers.

  • Expatica Jobs
  • Stepstone
  • Top Language Jobs

Recruitment Agencies: Dutch recruitment agencies, known as “uitzendbureaus,” are available to assist individuals proficient in English and other languages in finding suitable employment opportunities.

  • Blue Lynx
  • Undutchables
  • Unique Multilingual

These platforms and agencies can significantly enhance your chances of finding a job as a highly educated migrant in the Netherlands.

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Job Websites Of Specialist Job Agencies: 

Aquent – web design, strategy, and content
Ardekay – IT vacancies
Darwin Recruitment – IT and telecoms
Rave recruitment – ICT recruitment

The Netherlands Job Websites Of General Employment Agencies

Madison Parker
Octagon Professionals
Page Personnel

If you are a highly educated migrant seeking employment in the Netherlands, it is beneficial to explore a list of recognized employers/sponsors. These are companies and organizations that have obtained permission to bring in highly skilled workers under preferential immigration conditions, even exempting the need for a work permit.

Company Websites: Take the time to visit the websites of companies that interest you to discover potential suitable vacancies. Additionally, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) also shares job openings.

Dutch Newspapers (Print or Online): Dutch print or online newspapers frequently advertise vacancies, particularly for senior positions within international companies.

  • Telegraaf
  • NRC (carrières)
  • Volkskrant (vacatures)
  • Ad
  • Metro

Networking Groups: Networking plays a significant role in finding work in the Netherlands. With a large expat community, joining business networking groups and clubs can provide opportunities through word-of-mouth and personal connections.

International Job Fair; Expat Jobs in the Netherlands: The annual International Job Fair offers a platform for applicants to engage with prospective employers and multilingual recruiters from diverse industries. Workshops are also organized to enhance your job-hunting efforts.

Citizen Service Number (BSN): Upon successfully securing a job, obtaining a Citizen Service Number (burgerservicenummer or BSN) is essential. This personal tax identification number is acquired at the city hall upon arrival and is required for all individuals. For further information, you can learn more about the Dutch social security system.

By utilizing these resources and understanding the necessary procedures, you can increase your chances of finding a job as a highly educated migrant in the Netherlands.

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