How To Limit Apps From Using Mobile Data On Your Android Device

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If your mobile Apps on your Android device consume too much data, try restricting background data on Android. Some apps are not actively using them suck up data regularly, even when you are not actively using them.

Android provides a way to stop an app from consuming background data. Here are various methods for how to restrict data and save money on android.

How To Limit Apps From Using Mobile Data On Your Android Device

Built-In Option To Restrict Background Data

You can restrict apps from using data on your Android devices with this steps

  1. Head over to your phone Settings, then tap the settings icon at the top-right corner.
  2. Go to Network & Internet > Data usage. You’ll see the proportion of data you’ve used at the top of that menu.
  3. Select app data usage to see the amount of data each app has used recently.
  4. Go through the list and tap the app that uses data the most.
  5. Turn off the background data to turn of cellular data for certain apps
  6. Switch off unrestricted data as well if it not already off.

These steps allow you to block heavy apps like YouTube from consuming mobile data and restrict Apps to Wi-Fi only. If you are more bent on keeping your mobile data in check, head back to your data usage, then turn on your use Data saver.

Set a Data Warning and Usage Limit

 You should consider setting data warning and usage limit as well;

  1. Go to your phone’s settings, tap on Network and internet
  2. Go to Data usage > Data warning and limit.
  3. Turn on Set data limit.
  4. Select either GB or MB from the dropdown. Then set a value for your data usage limit.
  5. Turn on Set data warning as well.
  6. Tap Set data warning, then enter your data warning value.

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