How to Email Multiple Recipients Using CC and BCC

The cc and Bcc are very appropriate places to enter addresses. Simply input multiple recipients are using CC and Bcc.

How to Email Multiple Recipients Using CC and BCC


Cc stands for carbon copy. Cc made it possible to send the same letter to two people without having to write or type twice, this was before mail went digital. When you input an email address in the Cc field, more than one email address can be entered in the CC field and all the addresses will receive a copy of the email.

The deficiencies of the carbon copy (CC)

When you send an email using the carbon copy, both the original and the carbon copy of the recipient will see the email address the message was sent to. Certain people do not like the idea of their email addresses exposed to other people.

When a person replies to all in the sent message every other, the mail address in the CC field will receive the response. And crowded copy fields also take up screen space, it does not look particularly good because it can be lengthy.


Bcc is a short term for blind carbon copy. Bcc hides the email address unlike CC, it hides all email addresses entered and it allows the original sender of the mail to view the Bcc recipients. Bcc is the best for keeping other people anonymous.

This is useful especially during a lengthy mail conversation, it prevents the reply of all options to other people’s inboxes. Bcc comes in handy when sensing messages to undisclosed recipients it keeps people’s information private. The email address of Bcc recipients remain hidden from everyone except the sender of the mail

Using BCC in Gmail to Send Mail to Multiple Recipients

Here is how to send mail using Bcc in Gmail:

  • Tap on the compose icon to start a new email
  • Select Bcc at the right side of the New message window
  • Enter the primary recipient. These addresses are visible to every other recipient
  • In the Bcc field enter the email addresses you want to hide
  • Edit your message as you see fit, proceed to send

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