How to screenshot on Mac: Simple steps to capture your MacBook’s screen

How to screenshot on mac -Understanding how to screenshot on your MacBook is a trick you don’t want to sleep on, thankful screenshots on mac is very easy and simple. Continue reading to learn more.

How to screenshot on Mac

How to screenshot on mac

The method or procedures of taking screenshots on mac is not impossible. We will be listing different ways on how you can easily screenshot on your Mac.

  • The first method is, holding down the following keys: command + shift + 3, while still holding the key you will hear a brief sound. This method is labeled as the basic screenshot because it screenshots the whole screen.
  • You can find the screenshot as a png file on your desktop, with the precise time and date of the screenshot.

Selection method

  • You can carry on the election method by holding down the following keys: command + shift + 4 doing this will change the direction of your cursor into a small reticule with pixel coordinate numbers to the lower left.
  • Proceed to hold the mouse or trackpad and click on the rectangular area you want to screenshot. You can choose to start again by pressing the Esc key without taking a photo
  • Let go of the click to take a picture and your screenshot file will be saved on your desktop

Screenshot window

You can achieve this by:

  • Holding down the command + shift + 4 + space, doing this will turn your cursor into a camera icon and any window you are moving your cursor over will be highlighted blue
  • Proceed to highlight the window you want to screenshot. To cycle through your open application command + tab or simply use F3 to open all your windows when you’re looking for the right window, you can press Esc keypad to cancel without taking photo.
  • Tap on the highlighted window to look for your file on the desktop

Save screenshot to clipboard

  • You can achieve this by holding downing Ctrl key and following the aforementioned instructions
  • You screenshot will be saved to the clipboard
  • Hold command + v key, then select paste from the edit menu and paste the screenshot into word processing documents, either and image editor or an email.

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