Google Photo Price and Backup: what will be the new charge as Free storage ends in First Day of June?

Google photo price and backup – Lots of people are not aware of the google photo price, but have you ever wondered what the subscription plan will cost? Everyone has been utilizing the free unlimited storage of Google photos but it will come to an end on the 1st day of June.

This makes us considered what the price may cost after the free unlimited storage comes to an end. Google photo has always been an amazing option for saving photographs and videos. Continue reading to learn all about the upcoming google photo price.

Google Photo Price and Backup

Google photo price

Google photo provides easy and secure platform it also packs a suite of smart sorting, editing and sharing tools to get the best out of the image library.

Google photos is not only available for android users’ other devices like iOS and mac can also access it, it can also be access on the web browsers and PCs too

Google photo backup

In the process of backing up your photograph to Google photos, you will have the option of high quality and original quality.

The high quality means your image is compressed when uploaded to a maximum size of 16MB.

Google photo cost

  • There is no particular cost for google photos, however you will have to get a google one subscription to improve your cloud storage
  • There available three paid plans to pick from, each plan incorporates an increased storage allowance, which applies to all google products
  • The most affordable of all the google plan is the 100GB which cost

$1.99/£1. &9/Au$2.49 for a month. You can also save 15% for annual payment

  • The annual payment is $19.99/£15.99/AU$24.99 each year, this plan offer googles photo users a decent storage expansion at an affordable rate.
  • The 200GB cost $2.99/£2.49/Au$4.39 monthly and the annual plan cost $29.99/£24.99/Au$43.99 saving about 15% in total

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