Minecraft Gift Cards – How do I Buy and Redeem a Minecraft Gift Card

Minecraft Gift Cards – Minecraft I stage world’s best selling PC Game with over a million games and accessories sold in different platforms. At Minecraft you get different accessories like toys, clothing, and other new products.

Minecraft is an adventure game developed by Mojang which requires much more than just playing but being creative.

Minecraft offers its users worldwide a prepaid gift cards which can be bought via a physical store or via online at HTTPS://www.Minecraft.net.

minecraft gift cards

What can I Buy with a Minecraft Gift Card?

Minecraft gift cards always makes the perfect gift every time and any day. With a Minecraft gift cards, you can buy full versions of Minecraft for your PC device. You can also buy other accessories like toys, clothing, and other new and special products which are currently now available at Minecraft.net.

What exactly do I Get when I Purchase a Minecraft Gift Card?

When you purchase a Minecraft.net gift card, you are automatically buying a Minecraft gift card code. This Minecraft gift card code will be sent to your email address immediately after your purchase has been processed.

What can I do or Buy with a Minecraft Gift Card Code?

A Minecraft gift card code is more like the key to getting your desired games and accessories on Minecraft.net. The Minecraft gift code is used to purchase games and other latest accessories at Minecraft online.

Does Minecraft.net accept returns on Gift cards and other items Purchased Online?

Minecraft platform does not accept any returns on gift cards or any items purchased at Minecraft.net except as required by law.

Can a Minecraft gift card be exchanged for cash?

Very important notice, a Minecraft gift card should never in any way be exchanged as cash. The platform does not accept any refunds or exchange on gift cards purchased online at Minecraft.net.

What payment methods Does Minecraft Accept?

Minecraft as per being one of the worlds best selling PC games, accepts the following payment methods when purchasing a gift card: VISA card, AMERICAN EXPRESS card, DISCOVER card, PAYPAL card, and a MASTER CARD.

Is it possible to Redeem a Minecraft Gift Card Without Registering for a Minecraft Account?

Impossible, in order to redeem your Minecraft prepaid gift card, you are required to either log in your Mojang account if you have one, but if eventually you do not have a Mojang account, you are required to sign up for a Mojang account immediately.

How do I Redeem a Minecraft Gift Card?

To redeem your Minecraft gift card, simply:

  • Visit HTTPS://www.Minecraft.net/redeemgiftcard.
  • Click Redeem Minecraft gift code.
  • A page appears to log in to your Mojang account.
  • Enter your gift card code sent to you.
  • Click Redeem.

The Minecraft gift card code will be instantly displayed on your device screen.

Is it possible to Gift Minecraft Gift Card to a Friend?

Like every other gift cards, it is very possible to gift that special friend of yours Minecraft gift cards. To send the gift of Minecraft, simply:

  • Visit HTTPS://www.Minecraft.net.
  • Log in to your Mojang account.
  • Select buy Minecraft.
  • Choose buy digital gift card option.
  • Enter the necessary details required and the gift card will be emailed to the receiver.

The email sent to the receiver contains a link with the gift card details and instructions to guide you through the process of registering for a Mojang account. After registering the receiver can move further to redeeming the gift card code.

Note: when sending a Minecraft gift card, you get a message that says “you can’t own more than a copy of Minecraft gift card per Mojang account, but you can buy the gift card for someone else”.

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