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Mastercard Credit Card  – MasterCard Worldwide services is a long-standing financial services giant which is among the top three biggest credit card issuers in the world. With it’s headquarters situated in New York, USA, their aim to ease payments between banks and merchants all over the world. Their purpose to make things easier for people by facilitating payments between buyers and sellers through their debit and credit cards. Mastercard Credit Card went public in 2006. Before it went public, it was controlled by the 25,000 financial institutions which issued MasterCards on their behalf. MasterCard’s net worth is over 4.10billion dollars.

Mastercard Credit Card

Mastercard Credit Card which was called Interbank/Master Charge was founded by California banks in other to introduce a rival to Bank Americard which was being issued by the bank of America which evolved into the Visa Card we know now.  MasterCard credit cards come in different varieties like regular credit cards, titanium credit cards, Platinum and black credit cards.

What Mastercard Credit Card  Offers

WARRANTY: MasterCard makes sure and multiplies the warranty for up to a year. As long as you paid for it with your MasterCard, you have a longer warranty.

PRICE PROTECTION: If you find an item you bought cheaper elsewhere, the difference may be refunded. However, this only happens within 60 days of purchases.

PURCHASE INSURANCE: MasterCard covers damaged or stolen items purchased with your card. This coverage will apply if it is within 90 days of purchase.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with a product you bought within 60 days of purchase, you get a refund. If the store refuses to effect a return, you get a refund if the product is up to 250$. You’re covered as long as it was bought with a MasterCard.

DISCOUNTS: You get to enjoy discounts at major spots in your city. From shopping malls to gas stations and airlines, your discounts are all for you to enjoy with your MasterCard.

PASSES: You have access to exclusive passes to big and high-class events happening in your city. You get to enjoy musical performances and great shows with all-access passes because you use MasterCard.

QUALITY SERVICE: You get to enjoy 24 hours service to inquire about any card issues or ask any questions. You also enjoy exclusive concierge services. Personal help with table reservations, buying and gift delivery and coordination of business arrangements at your fingertips.

TRAVEL PERKS: You get full access to MasterCard lounges all over the world with a priority pass. Enjoy a zone of the best travel experiences, benefits, and offers. You also have the liberty of communicating with travel advisors anytime of the day. Travel offers and discounts are all for you to enjoy.

Eligibility For Mastercard Credit Card

AGE: You must be above 21 years in order to be eligible for a MasterCard credit card. You should also be no more than 65 to get a MasterCard.

CITIZENSHIP: You have to be a full citizen of the country you are applying from. It is advisable to bring your national identification.

CREDIT: Your credit score must be sound as you are going to be undertaking more credit. Your FICO score must be up to par.

INCOME: Your income and earnings must be high. You’re undertaking credit so your income must meet the necessary standards.

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