iTunes Gift Cards | Where can I Redeem an iTunes Gift Card

iTunes Gift Cards – iTunes is a multimedia player developed by Apple Inc and was launched January 9th , 2011. iTunes is the world’s best and easiest way to get every collection of music, movies, TV shows, applications, and ebooks.

ITunes gift cards makes a perfect and ideal gift for everyone who loves music, enjoys to play online games, and also read books online.

Despite the age and style, iTunes gives its users the opportunity to unlock complete features of the iTunes store using an iTunes gift card.

itunes gift cards

Where can I spend an iTunes Gift Card?

ITunes gift cards are spent on movies, games, music, TV shows, applications, ebooks, audio books, and many more exciting stuffs available in iTunes store.

What Happens to Gift Card purchased at iTunes Store?

Any iTunes gift cards purchased via any iTunes store are digitally scanned and emailed instantly to the recipient of the gift card immediately after the purchase has been processed.

How do I Buy an iTunes Gift Card?

Purchasing an iTunes gift card is not a pain and will never be a pain as long as you are with me. Here are some guides on how to purchase an iTunes gift card online:

  • Visit HTTPS://
  • Click the gift card design you wish to buy for yourself.
  • Enter a gift card amount ranging from $10 to $200.
  • Add a personal gift card message.
  • Click Add to bag.
  • Click check out – you can choose to check out as a guest if you do not have a registered account.
  • Enter your billing information.
  • Enter your credit card information.
  • Click continue.

Note: iTunes gift cards are purchased in same country where you registered for an iTunes or Apple account.

How do I Send an iTunes Gift Card to a friend?

ITunes gift cards, makes a perfect gift for every occasion. To send an iTunes gift card to a friend, family, or spouse, simply:

  • Visit HTTPS://
  • Click the gift card design you wish to send.
  • Enter the amount you want on the gift card.
  • Enter your recipients name.
  • Enter your recipients email address.
  • Enter your own name.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Add a brief personal message.
  • Click Add to bag.
  • Click checkout.
  • Enter shipping details.
  • Click continue.

The iTunes gift card you sent will appear in your recipients email address in a minimum off eight hours. Your recipient receives the email which contains the iTunes gift card details (card number and card pin). A confirmation email will also be sent to you the sender to notify you that your recipient has received the gift card.

However the recipients can move further to redeeming the gift card.

Where can I Redeem an iTunes Gift Card?

ITunes gift cards are redeemable only in iTunes store, Apple store, and iBook stores.

How to Redeem an iTunes Gift Card

Here are some few steps on how yo redeem your ideal iTunes gift card, simply:

  • Visit
  • Log in to your iTunes account.
  • Click on your account name.
  • A drop-down list will appear, click redeem.
  • Enter the 16digit gift card code – you can view the gift card code at the reverse back of he gift card.
  • Then click Redeem.

Note: iTunes do not accept refunds or exchange on gift card purchased. When a gift card is bought and delivered iTunes platform do not guarantee validation of the gift card code.

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