Facebook Gift Card | How To Redeem Facebook Gift Cards Code

Facebook gift card (s) are actually the most easy and fastest way to buttoned in your Facebook games and Facebook apps. They are purchased in Facebook stores or at a participating retail outlets like PayPal, Amazon, Walmart, and more.

A Facebook gift card is sometimes seen as a substitute or let’s say an alternative payment method for purchasing items and games in Facebook stores.

With a Facebook gift card you can purchase as many items as you like, you can also purchase ads on and latest games at Facebook stores.

More On Facebook Gift Cards

Using a Facebook gift card is free and easy, but there are little things you still need to know about having a FB gift cards.

  • The use of Facebook gift card is free and there are no extra fee charged for using a gift card.
  • The gift card is not redeemable for cash.
  • Facebook gift card is non refundable, exchanged, or resold for cash.
  • No refunds will be provided for a lost or damaged gift card.
  • The Facebook gift card is issued by Facebook payments Inc., a Florida corporation.

Knowing all these about Facebook gift cards, I assure you won’t have any problem ordering or using a Facebook gift card. There are also other questions we’ll like to discuss about.

facebook gift card

How can I Activate an FB Gift Card that has not been Activated?

To activate a gift card, take the gift card back to the store where it was initially purchased and hand it to the cashier at the cashier unit. Some little amount of money might be required for activating the gift card. The activation process is what create entries in Facebook database it links the Facebook gift card number with a value.

What Happens to Stolen or lost Facebook Gift Cards?

If your FB gift card is not yet activated before it’s been stolen or lost, then worry no more cos it is of no use to you. The gift card is as worthless as whatever you think it may be, a gift card has no value unless it has already been activated by a store cashier.

How do I View my Facebook Gift Card Balance?

Your FB gift card balance can be viewed directly from your Facebook account settings page on your Facebook account. Also note that Facebook sends a pop up notification message to your device to let you know if there are any changes in your gift card balance.

Is it possible to gift Facebook gift card to a friend, if yes then how?

It is very possible to gift a Facebook gift card to a lovely friend, family member, or business colleague. With Facebook gift cards, you give your friends gift on Sephora, target, and olive garden. To send Facebook gift cards, follow the steps below;

  • Visit a friend’s Time line
  • Click on the gear-icon in the lower-right corner of the cover photo
  • Then click the Give Gift link
  • Choose a gift card value.
  • Better your recipients name and email address.
  • Enter you name.
  • Add a brief gift message.
  • Enter a delivery date.
  • Then click add to bag to complete your order.

Your recipient will be instantly notified about the gift you sent to them and will receive a gift card details and instructions on how to redeem the gift card.

How To Redeem Facebook gift cards

Facebook gift card can only be redeemed online at www.Facebook.com/gamecard/redeem, and it can only be redeem in E.U. To redeem your gift card follow the instructions below:

  • Visit HTTPS://web.Facebook.com.
  • Click Redeem code tab.
  • Enter your gift card pin code.
  • Click Redeem and select a currency to convert the gift card value to your own local currency.
  • Click continue.

Note: a Facebook gift cards can only be used to purchase Facebook games, apps, and ads on Facebook stores nationwide.

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