Boots Gift Card | Check your Boots Gift Card Balance

Boots Gift Card – Boots is a U.K. most popular shopping unit that deals an a wide range of products like pharmaceuticals, hair products, beauty products, and many more products.

Boots has over 1000 stores within U.K. and Ireland with about 15-million daily users, boots offers a wide range of products that helps you to spice up your life than ever before.

They  offers users a plastic and electronic gift card for easy and convenient shopping of items in the site. Unfortunately, boots do not allow the use of boots gift cards online at but it is just temporal.

Nevertheless if you wish to order an item online and pay with a boot gift card, there’s an option to do that in a boot store within U.K. and Ireland.

boots gift card

About Boot Gift Card 

Out listed below are just few things you need to know about the boot gift card to enable you have an easy and convenient access of the boot gift card.

  • Boots gift card balance cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • A boot gift card has no replacement and should be treated as cash.
  • All boot gift card value expires 24-months after the date of purchase.
  • Visit a boot store to add nor value to your boots gift card.
  • Any unused balance remains in your boot gift card after use.

Purchase a Boot Gift Card for Yourself

Boots gift cards are purchased from participating boot stores within U.K. This participating stores includes; Zeek, Love2shop, TheGiftCardCentre, Vioucher express, Money saving, TopCash back, Daily mail, Tesco.

To buy a boot gift card, simply;

  • Visit the boot store outlet.
  • Choose a gift card design.
  • Choose a gift card value.
  • Then choose the quantity of gift cards you want to buy.
  • Enter delivery details.
  • Enter your personal information.
  • Add a message.
  • Click add to bag.

Follow the check out process instructions to input your payment details and complete your transaction.

To Order for a Product using Boots Gift Card:

Follow the guide below to learn how to order for a product and pay for the product using a boot gift card. Simply;

  • Select your desired product online.
  • Take the product description to a boot store.
  • The boot store cashier searches for the product in the store.
  • And your order is been placed.
  • Give the cashier your boots gift card number and pin.
  • The cashier uses the boots gift card details to process your payment.

As soon as you order for a product on boot, you will receive the product your ordered immediately at the boots store.

Check your Boots Gift Card Balance

To check for your boots gift card a balance, take the boots gift card to a nearby boot local store around you, the cashier of technology store will scan the boots gift cards  and your gift card balance will be given to you instantly without no interruption. You can also check your boot gift card balance by calling boot toll free call number on 084-5640-0884.

Boot offers lots of products and accessories ranging from health products, to beauty products, men’s wears, women wears, toys, kids wears, games, and many other special products that helps to enhance your health and lifestyle.

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