American Eagle Credit Card Login | Activation Phone Number

American Eagle Credit Card is issued by the Synchrony Bank. It offers loads of financing options simultaneously and with ease and convenience. This is just a tip of the iceberg as this credit card has lots of other benefits, especially to their loyal customers as it aids them get their preference in stores. That is why its and in-store card, and requires a good credit for approval.

American Eagle Credit Card

American Eagle Credit Card Benefits

The benefit of this celebrated Credit card to its cardholders includes

  • Advancement of wide range of benefits to shoppers at American Eagle Outfitters, Aerie, AEO factory Store and Tailgate.
  • It enables cardholders save and invest by offering exclusive saving schemes.
  • Immediately, the Credit card is mail to you and you receive, you get a 20% percent discount as you make your first purchase at the American Eagle Online stores.
  • You get 20% discount coupon.
  • You get 15 points for everyone dollar spent as you shop at every AEO or Aerie Stores.
  • You get 1 free offer, when you plug into the “Buy 5 Clothing, and get 1 free Offer”
  • There is also a grace period of 23 days for payment

American Eagle Card Fees/Rates

The American Eagle card rates and charges includes:

  • Annual Percentage Rate of 24.99%
  • There is also a grace period of 23 days for payment
  • There is a Late Payment Fee of 35 d0llars.
  • There is absolutely no charge on Maximum Penalty APR
  • Cash Advancement is prohibited.
  • Online Response is also prohibited
  • There is no charge for Foreign Transaction.

How to Apply for America Eagle Credit Card

To apply for and get approved for American Eagle card, cardholders must do the following:

  • Scroll, through and navigate the application homepage of Synchrony Bank. Thereafter, one needs to go through the details, before you as will be seen on the screen and then proceed with the application process.
  • Supply your bio data and personal information. This includes info full name, correct address and Phone Number, Email Address (tick the box below, if you’d like to get promotional emails), Annual net income, and Time at current Address.
  •  Choose a medium, for statement delivery, and fill out the following; Birth date, SSN/TIN and Mother’s maiden name, in the verification part below.
  • Finally, go through the rates and fess table of the bank.
  • Crosscheck, review and proofread for mistakes. After that check a box below to get consent to proceed and tap the button to “Accept & Submit”.

How to Activate American Eagle Credit Card

For you American Eagle Card activation, no stress it can simply  be done by just a call.  American Eagle card Phone Number, call at 1-888-232-4535.

How to Login American Eagle Credit Card

Follow the process below to login to your American Eagle Credit Card Account.

  • Scroll and navigate to the login page of American Eagle Credit card.
  • Provide and supply your user id and password. The user id is also known as username.
  • Lastly, go ahead and click on the “secure Login” tab, to gain access your account.

How to Recover American Eagle Credit Card Username or Password

  • On the Login page, beneath the login icon, click on the ‘Forget Password link’.
  • Type in the account holder information (if you are the account then type the information you registered with). This info includes: user ID, and Zip code.
  • Click on the ‘Continue’ button to proceed.
  • Select your password, and tap ‘login’ to recover your account.

How to Make American Eagle Credit Card Bill Payment

  • Sign into your credit card account.
  • Locate the Payment Tab.
  • Choose a payment option that best suits you, and make your payment.

American Eagle Credit Card Customer Service Number or Contact

To get in contact with the American Eagle credit card customer care, dial 1-800-843-0875 and call.

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