American Airlines Gift Card | How do I Check American Airlines Gift Card Balance

American Airlines Gift Card – The term gift cards as used in the above mentioned keyword refers to any American airlines egift card or plastic gift card. These gift cards are available in different denominations ranging from $50 — $1,500.

American Airlines Gift Card Is a perfect gift for anybody who loves to travel to many destinations all round the globe.

About American Airlines Gift Cards

  • American airlines gift cards does not expire.
  • It has no fees attached to bit and cannot be reloaded.
  • The gift cards are not refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash or credit.
  • American airline gift cards will not be accepted if the gift cards number has not been activated.

The major difference between an American airline egift card and plastic gift card is that, the egift cards are delivered instantly but activated after 3-days of purchase. While the plastic gift cards are subjected to a shopping fee and is not activated until your payment is confirmed.

american airline gift card

Where can I get American Airlines Gift Card?

Nice question, some get confused on where to get an American airline gift card. You can get an American airline gift card or egift card on American airline online or just put a phone call via their customer care service.

How to purchase American Airlines plastic gift card

For all travels who wishes to travel via an American airline but doesn’t have a plastic gift card, here’s how to get an American airline plastics gift card for yourself, simply:

  • Visit HTTPS://
  • Click purchase plastic gift card
  • Enter your name
  • Add a Gift message
  • Choose card amount from $50 — $1500
  • Choose quantity of gift cards you want to purchase
  • Click continue.

Can I gift an Airlines Gift Card Balance?

Sure you can. American airline gift cards are the perfect gifts to give to a friend for every occasion.

How to gift American Airlines Gift Card

Need to give a gift card?, follow the steps below;

  • Visit HTTPS://
  • Click purchase virtual gift card
  • Choose card image
  • Enter your recipients name
  • Enter your name
  • Add a gift message
  • Choose your card amount
  • Enter your recipients email address
  • Confirm your recipients email address
  • Click continue.

The recipients receives an email with the gift card details link. He/she can move further to redeem the gift.

Where can I redeem American Airlines Gift Card?

You can redeem your American airline gift cards in just 2 ways;

  • Visit
  • Or call American airline reservations centre.

How do I Check American Airlines Gift Card Balance?

To check your balance;

  • Visit HTTPS://
  • Click the three line Menu bar
  • Tap check your balance
  • Enter your gift card number and pin
  • Click Go.

Are there any restrictions to the use of multiple Airlines Gift Card Balances?

No, there are no restrictions, you can use up to eight gift cards in a single purchase if you like.

How do I use my American Airline Gift Card?

American Airline Gift Cards are very easy to use, you can use your gift cards to book a ticket to any destination for yourself. Kindly visit and move to the payment page, and enter your gift card number and pin. If the total ticket booked exceeds your gift card value, you may use a credit card for the remaining difference left.

Note: The credit or debit card used must have a bailing address in U.S. or Puerto Rico.

American airline does not take responsibility of any gift card stolen or lost and at such does not replace any loss or stolen gift card. It can only replace if required by law and at a fee of $25.

American Airline gift cards are delivered either electronically or shipped via FedEx.

Most importantly, the gift cards can only be used on flights marketed by American airlines, American Eagles, and Oneworld airlines.

Also American gift cards are not credit or debit cards and as such cannot be used as payment cards for some purchases.

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