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Whatsapp View Once Media: WhatsApp users can now share photos and videos that disappear from messages thread after being viewed once, with the introduction of WhatsApp view once media.

According to WhatsApp, the new feature will increase user privacy. WhatsApp confirmed that the new view once feature will be available this week.

Whatsapp View Once Media

How The Whatsapp View Once Media Whatsapp Feature Works

WhatsApp users will be able to share photos and videos which can oh be viewed once by the recipient before the photo or video sent is no longer accessible, WhatsApp started that the new view once media is a secure way to share sensitive information without it being saved or repeatedly viewable.

However, other social media platforms like snap chats and Instagram allow users to send messages which disappear after being viewed by the recipient.

Taking videos and pictures have become a big part of our lives but not everything shared needs to become permanent digital records WhatsApp stated.

This is our we will be launching the view once photos and videos that will disappear from the chat after they have been viewed by the recipient,  giving users more control over their privacy.

Once a view once message has been viewed and then disappeared it will be marked as open to avoid confusion. However, the new view once feature has been criticized by some, the NSPCC saying it could put young people at greater risk.

Teaser chase by the NSPCC shows 10% of s-e-x crimes on Facebook-owned apps take place on WhatsApp but, because the content can’t be accessible it accounts for less than 2% of the company’s child abuse reports to the police, said senior child safety online policy officer Alison tree.

The view once feature could put children at even greater risk by allowing offenders to avoid detection and erase evidence of their crime.

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