Web Instagram can now create Post | How to Post on Instagram From PC

Instagram web upload feature -Instagram Post – Instagram users desktop users can now create posts with desktop web browsers. Taking pictures with your move phone and uploading it is one of the best easiest ways to share pictures on your Instagram feed.

Instagram has grown to be more than just a casual social media platform, brands, and other companies use the platform to promote their work and what they do in general, being restricted to mobile upload alone is inconvenient for some brands and businesses.

Web Instagram can now create Post

Web Instagram can now Create a post

Instagram is not just a social media platform for just entertainment, the platform is also a place for creators and brands. Until today Instagram users and creators only had an option of capturing content and upload it to their computer to edit it and then transfer it back to their mobile phone to upload it to their Instagram platform.

Instagram Web new feature

In the month of may, Instagram hinted at the upcoming new feature that will enable Instagram desktop users to post their content directly from their laptop or desktop using their web browser.

When Instagram users click on the upload icon that is the desktop interface, they would be redirected to a screen where they get to upload images for their Instagram manually.

The new feature also supports an inmate aspect ratio of selecting image filter, editing the image just like on the Instagram app, adding the caption,  the option to turn off commenting, and the ability to add location.

This new feature is expected to make things a lot better and easier for small businesses and content creators on Instagram.

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