Facebook May Soon Add Reels And Tools To The Stories Panel

Everyone is familiar with the Facebook story by now: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg created a website in 2003 while he was still attending Harvard University, and it became much bigger than he ever imagined.

Since then, Facebook has grown into a tech conglomerate, launching new products and services to capitalize on almost every major tech trend and succeeding more often than not.

Facebook May Soon Add Reels And Tools To The Stories Panel

Apps like, Facebook responses to next door an app meant to connect you to other people around your local community, Facebook dating and it was launched after tinder initial burst on the same and its resurgence.

Facebook Test Reels And Rooms In Home Feed

In its continued plush to contend with TikTok and clubhouse, Facebook is reportedly testing new tabs in the stories panel for Instagram reels and its rooms.

The Facebook researcher Alessandro Paluzzi was the first to notice this, he took to his Twitter account to lose screenshots of why the new feature may look like:

#facebook is working on a redesigned story that involves two new tabs, #reels and rooms.

Facebook rooms are not to be mistaken for messenger rooms, launched in late June 2021, live audio rooms are facing booms that take on the speaker and listener live audio chat format that has recently taken over the internet by storm.

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