How to send view once photos and videos on WhatsApp

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Have you ever wished you could delete a video or photo sent to your WhatsApp contact, with WhatsApp’s new view once feature, you can send self-destructive images or videos to preserve your privacy.

How to send view once photos and videos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp view once feature allows you to send videos and photos that can only be viewed once by the recipient.

Introducing the WhatsApp feature

WhatsApp new ‘view once feature’ was recently introduced on the WhatsApp blog, this feature has the latest updates that allow WhatsApp users to send videos and photos that the recipient of the photo or videos can only view once.

Once the recipient views the photo or the video, the file sent will be deleted automatically giving WhatsApp users more control over what they share.

The WhatsApp view once feature works like a hybrid of messenger vanish mode and disappearing DMs on Instagram.

How to send WhatsApp view once photos and videos

WhatsApp view once feature is only available on the WhatsApp latest version before you can access the WhatsApp view once feature.

Once you update the WhatsApp app, proceed to follow the steps below to send WhatsApp view once photo and videos:

  • Open the chat with the person you wish to sent the WhatsApp view once photo or video to
  • Tap on the camera icon and choose the media you wish to send, just like you normally do when you want to share files
  • Tap on the circled 1 icon near the send button
  • Proceed to send

You can also do this on WhatsApp web, the proceeds is very similar all you have to do is look out for the circled 1 icon.

The view once media can only be viewed once, they can not be forwarded, saved starred or even shared.

The view once feature can be used in group chats as well. However, you will need to enable it separately for each piece of media.

You can only tell if the recipient of the view once file if they have read receipts turned on. Single view media left unviewed are automatically deleted after 14 days.

It is advisable to send the view once media to people you trust, recipients can still share files set for one time viewing as screenshots, screen captures, or by recording them with external device before the disappear.

The new view once feature is very easy to use and you can send photos and videos in group chats and direct messages and have then automatically deleted when they are viewed once.

WhatsApp has a feature to automatically delete messages, after seven days you sent them.

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