Download WhatsApp Status Saver App: You Can Now Save Your Contact Status

Download WhatsApp Status App – WhatsApp is a social media app, it’s a messaging app that is used to communicate with family and friends, through this app you can send messages, send pictures, send videos, send documents, make voice calls, and a video call with friends and family from the comfort of your zone.

Download WhatsApp Status Saver App

The app is not limited to region so you can make use of this app for instant messaging to anyone accross the world.

WhatsApp Status Saver Review

WhatsApp status on its own is a specific feature on the WhatsApp app. It allows you to upload pictures, videos or do a write-up of your thoughts and share them on the platform for people on your contact list to view.

Same goes to other users as well, you can viewing their uploaded WhatsApp status. The WhatsApp status had a specific time duration which is 24hrs and after that is automatically deleted from your status.

WhatsApp status saver is basically a medium through which pictures and videos being posted by your contacts are saved. Posts on the status are taken off after 24hours but if saved on the WhatsApp Status saver, they are
 automatically saved to your device.

How to Download WhatsApp Status Saver App

Downloading the WhatsApp Status Saver isn’t as difficult as it may sound. Follow the steps below and get what you want.

For Android users:

1. Go to the Google play store
 2. Search for the WhatsApp Status Saver
 3. Click on Download
4. Once that’s done, install the App on your device

While for iOS users:

1. Go to the Apple store
2. Type in WhatsApp Status Saver
3. Download the app
4. Install the App on your device
5. Open the app and start using your WhatsApp Status Saver.

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