How To Use Instagram Downloader To Download IG Videos & Instagram Photos – Steps

Instagram Downloader – The platform has over 800 million daily active users, and it has amazing features Contained in the app that keep getting more and more people interested. Instagram is the best platform for photographic mobility; millions of users post pictures and videos on the site on a daily basis. There’s hardly a dull moment on the platform, there’s always something to feed your eyes on.  

It is indeed a sensational world with awesome photography, trending videos, fashion styles and trending news. You love taking selfies, recording special moments of yourself and sharing with friends, then this platform is just what you need. You can never get tired of being on the platform, the more people you follow the more likes you get.

instagram downloader

Instagram Account Features

Instagram is a social media networking app that offers wide range of opportunities to its users. All you need is to get followers, follow others, Post your videos and photos and enjoy a whole new sensational world just at the tip of your fingers. Almost everyone seems to be on Instagram these days, so if you are not it seems you are missing out on a whole lot of fun.

The home aspect of your app offers you opportunity to see photos, videos and events posted by those you are following. Also the search feature of the app enables you to look for items on the platform using hashtags, locations or names of places or people. It just shows you a plethora of photos and videos, where you can choose any video or photo that appeals to you. Talk about appealing? Almost everything on the platform appeals to your eyes, photos, videos and more.

Instagram Downloader APK

Users have long anticipated an app which would enable them download photos and videos from Instagram into their device. It is exciting to know you can watch such videos on Instagram but when you can’t download them to your device, it becomes heartbreaking.  Sometimes we need to watch a video, view a photo, or post these photos or videos on other social media platforms but when you can’t download them, how can you do all these?

Well, there are available Instagram video downloader apps and Instagram photo downloader apps; they are answers to prayers for users who wish to download photos and videos on their device.  Now you can download your favorite videos and watch it later with just a click of your finger. You don’t have to go through any tedious process to get it done, quite easy and simple.

How To Use Instagram Downloader

These apps are available on Playstore and Appstore, you can use them to download videos and photos from instagram to your device (Android, Iphone or PC). But some of these apps have really low video qualities and make them look unappealing; nevertheless there are good apps with high quality video. The apps virtually work in the same way for photos and videos download, just choose the right one.  

To download them you just have to visit the app store, search for them, then download and install them on your device. To enable download of videos and photos from Instagram do the following while using these apps: if you wish to download a video you can use Instagram video downloader app

  • Login your Instagram account
  • Then find the video you wish to download on your Instagram
  • Tap the THREE ICON at the top right corner of the image
  • A drop-down menu will be displayed, select COPY SHARE URL option
  • Then long press and tap paste on the text box on the app to paste the image
  • Once pasted, you can now see the video at the left part of the app
  • Then tap DOWNLOAD to save video.

You can quickly save a video from on Instagram to your device with Instagram video downloader, it takes no time and does not need any tedious process to complete download.

If you wish to download a photo, then you should try out Instagram photo downloader app

  • open your Instagram page
  • Then find the image you wish to download on your Instagram
  • Tap the THREE ICON at the top right corner of the image
  • A drop-down menu will be displayed, tap on COPY SHARE URL option
  • Then long press and tap paste on the input box on the app to paste the image
  • Then tap DOWNLOAD and after that click DOWNLOAD IMAGE

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