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Going live on Facebook is fast becoming one of the handiest and social character a lot of people, especially younger people, are now using to harness their Facebook presence. Some of them are actually utilizing this in their business on Facebook.

If you were up to date on the 8 of December 2016, you could probably be aware of the cheers and shouts of social media professionals all over the world. On that faithful day, Facebook opened its features on live streaming – Facebook Live, to the public. With that happening, Video content became more popular than ever before.

How To Go Live On Facebook

The trend had social media marketing professionals dancing and jumping out of their seats, to on live video streaming. Between Live Stream, Instagram Live,  periscope, IGTV, and Facebook Live, social media marketers have been working round the clock to incorporate this extremely exciting opportunity into their broader spectrum.

At that time, since many marketers have already built their Facebook business page and have also already implemented their Facebook marketing strategies, Facebook Live then seemed like a natural way to give live streaming videos at a go.

On this article, we will give you the necessary tips on how to go live on Facebook, so that you can begin live streaming videos with confidence. We will then see its features and benefits.

Now, Let’s get started.

Guide On How To Go Live On Facebook

Here, we will show you how to go live through your mobile device which you use for your social media marketing. Follow the directive below;

Step 1. open your Facebook app.

Step 2. Go onto your Facebook News Feed. Then Open up the status bar as if you’re going to write a regular Facebook status, and select the Live Video option, which is the same camcorder icon.

Step 3. You will be prompted to give Facebook access to your camera and microphone. Give the access. If you don’t allow this, you won’t be able to go live. This is easy though. If you want to go live, you want everyone to be able to see and hear you.

How To Go Live On Facebook Pages

Now, we are going to teach you how to go live on Facebook pages. On your Android phone, when you want to proceed on how to go live on Facebook, below is how you proceed;

1. Log onto your Facebook page and Click Post.

2. Then click Go Live.

3. Then as well, write a brief explanation that can also include tagging people and Pages

4. And click Start Live Video to start a 3-second countdown to go live.

5. Then when you are done, to stop broadcasting click on the Finish button at the bottom of the screen.

Comments And Reactions May Popup As You Are On, Live

  1. Real-time stream of comments and reactions will popup at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Then reactions and likes that come through as at the time of your live broadcast will stream across your screen.
  3. Other People viewing your broadcast will then be able to invite their friends to come view your broadcast.

The total number of those viewing/watching and also the names of friends and verified public figures who are watching, will be seen.

We trust that with the above guide, you have now learnt how to go live on Facebook.

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