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Facebook Christian Singles 40-50 is borne out of the initiative of connecting Christian singles who are between the age bracket of 40-50 with other partners who may be of the same age bracket and looking for love.

Here you can prayerfully get connected with a fellow single Christian. Those who have never been married, divorcees, widows or single parents, now have a safe haven where they can connect and find love and get the spark back in their lives.

Facebook Christian Singles 40-50

Facebook Christian Singles 40-50 Criteria

To join the 40-50 group, you must adhere to the following;

  • You must be a church-going Christian who is accountable to spiritual authority.
  • You are to send a friend request to the founder of the group and intimate the founder immediately.
  • Once you’re approved, you will get an invitation in your notifications. Immediately you accept, you are a member.

Facebook Christian Singles 40-50 Perks

  • Here you can prayerfully get and choose a life partner.
  • Break the ice by chatting up the person you fancy before meeting in person.
  • You can look up first the profile of the person of interest to ensure they are real-life people, before you embark on the journey of love.
  • Here, you can know others and be known.

Why Facebook Christian Singles 40-50?

It is essential to get into a relationship with someone who understands your faith and what you are doing. This fosters a deeper bond and helps both parties better in their pursuit of God.

The site helps you streamline your search to what you feel will best complete you, instead of going thru tons of profiles and searches to ascertain who is a Christian and who is not.

Helps you raise a Godly family filled with love and commitment.

You can study God’s word together with your partner of choice.

Joining Facebook Christian Singles 40-50, gets you linked up with a community of single men and women who are passionately pursuing a relationship with Jesus and looking for love in the right places. No matter where you are at your spiritual journey, this site is open and ready to receive you.

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