Zoom Automatic Closed Captions Will Be Available To Everyone In Fall

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The video communication platform plans to roll out its new features to be available to everyone in fall. The company announced that it’s working towards making automatic closed captioning available to it users by the fall of 2021, the built in AI powered feature is currently locked behind a paywall and can only be accessed by paid account holders.

Zoom Automatic Closed Captions Will Be Available To Everyone In Fall

A subscription on the video app cost at least $150 per license in a year, people often provide their own captions by typing them up or using a third-party service. 

Zoom is putting effort to help free account holders in need of live transcriptions, such as those with hearing loss.

The company is accepting automatic closed captioning requests until fall, interested users will have to complete a form, which has the note says:

“This form is intended for users that require Live Transcription in order to better participate in Zoom meetings. If you are not in such need for the Live Transcription feature, we recommend that you please wait until fall 2021, when the feature will become available for all free Zoom users.”

The automatic closed caption feature will only support the English language, for now, the feature can only be enabled by the host and all other participants can view the transcription on their screen.

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