Secrete Revealed: How to Increase more RAM to your Android Device with a microSD card

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Running out of memory from your Android device can be very frustrating, here is how to increase RAM on your Android phones or tablets.

Your device most likely came with a storage of 64GB or more, but it’s the RAM that determined what you can do with it. 

How to Increase more RAM to your Android Device with a microSD card

Why does your Smart Phone needs more Space

The importance of having an additional RAM cannot be overrated. Additional RAM enable the processor to work faster, this will boost the media creation, playback as well as running apps and games more efficiently.

Some playback problems are inaccurately blamed on the slow network connection, in most cases, this might not be true, they could be speeded up with additional RAM, rather than faster wireless.

How does RAM Swapping boost Phone RAM?

You can dictate a portion of hard disk space to increase RAM on your desktop computer or laptop, this is known as a swap file and takes advantage of free space on your HDD or SSD. Rather than omit your data, it is stored on your drive.

The Windows 10 has an advanced file management which you may never need to adjust the settings. Although, you may be able to expand the portion of your HDD or SSD which is mainly allocated for the purpose of swapping file.

This same method can be apply to effectively increase your Android RAM. But the implementation of this method on your Android differs, you will need a dedicated software to make and you will also need to root your device to make it work, by rooting your device you can gain absolute control of the entire operating system and hardware, doing this will enable you to access other limited files and hardware, as well as install and run specialist software.

Three main components to Increase your android mobile device RAM:

  • A good quality microSD card (class 4 or higher)
  • A rooted Android phone or tablet
  • An app for managing the swap file

Apps to consider when trying to boost your RAM on Android phones and tablet

It may seem possible to manually specify the swap on your Android device, using an app might make things easy.

  • AMemoryBoost (Swap enabler)
  • Swapper – ROOT
  • Free Swapper for Root

It is also worth knowing that these apps are all Ad supported options, and absolutely free

  1. Launch the app
  2. Create a swap file
  3.  Specify the size of the required swap file
  4. Choose the location for the swap file (external microSD card or internal storage)
  5. Wait for the swap file to be created

You may need to restart your device for change to be effective.

You can make that your slow phone faster again….We are coming with many more hacks.

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