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GBWhatsapp 8.95

GBwhatsap 8.95 – The GBwhatsapp 8.95 is one of the  WhatsApp by mod available for all android users, the GBwhatsapp offers amazing features for users. And the best thing is that this Gbwhatsapp 8.95 by mod is accessible for free. With the GBwhatsapp 8.95, you will be able to make changes that suit your needs, … Read more

Signal Chat App Will Make It Easier to Transfer Chats between Devices

Signal Could Soon Make It Easier to Transfer Chats between Devices

Isn’t it amazing? A new migration tool that helps you send chats between your devices is being worked on by Signal. Signal is a secure encrypted messaging app available on iPhone, iPad, and Android. Signal came up as a popular but safer alternative to WhatsApp after the latter announced its new and controversial terms of … Read more

Whatsapp To Re-Introduce Updated Policy: Whatsapp Update

Whatsapp To Re-Introduce Updated Policy

The Facebook-owned messaging app plans to re-introduce the updated privacy policy that incited a massive backlash against Facebook-owned messaging app.  The social media company said it will inform users of the new privacy policy next week and provide more information about the change before requiring users to agree to the new terms. “In the coming … Read more

See Why WhatsApp users are moving to Signal Messaging App


The parent company of WhatsApp which is Facebook is yet to something about the messenger policy. Sometime last month a lot of Whatsapp users started feeling very uncomfortable about their privacy on their messaging app.   Will WhatsApp doing something very fast about this? or will they allow the new Signal app to beat them … Read more