Signal Chat App Will Make It Easier to Transfer Chats between Devices

Isn’t it amazing? A new migration tool that helps you send chats between your devices is being worked on by Signal.

Signal is a secure encrypted messaging app available on iPhone, iPad, and Android. Signal came up as a popular but safer alternative to WhatsApp after the latter announced its new and controversial terms of service.

Although, Signal’s Achilles Heel is that there are no straightforward options that allow you to send your chats between smartphones. There’s the hope of improvement if the latest Signal beta for Android is anything to go by.

Signal will Make It Easier to Transfer Chats between Devices

You Can Now Transfer Signal Chat Data Securely Between Android Devices

The Signal beta (v5.5.0) introduced a new chat migration tool that allows you transfer to another device your account and chat data. This was noticed by TestingCatalog.

This transfer process occurred through a secure Wi-Fi Direct connection with end-to-end encryption due to safety and security reasons.

The change log of undated explains the features below:

Your next upgrade needs an upgrade. Speedily and safely send your Signal information to a brand new Android phone. Make use of the end-to-end encrypted migration feature to move your account and messages from an old device to a new device over a private local WiFi Direct connection.

Signal chat backups will not be uploaded to the cloud and restored on another device, unlike Whatsapp and Telegram. However, the new Migration tool will require devices as the chat data transfer will happen locally.

So far, the Signal hasn’t brought out a similar chat migration tool for its app. We still don’t know for sure if this new chat migration will give a go-ahead for the transfer of chat data between iOS and Android.

Though this may seem a bit inconveniencing at the initial state, Signal tool is more secure than WhatsAp and Telegram’s offering.

Once you’re already on the Signal beta channel on your Android device, go ahead and find the chat migration tool which is in your Settings then to your chat, then your Transfer account. Join the Signal beta program for Android on a Google play link.

Signal Offers a Tedious Method to Restore Chat Data

Signal allows you to move chat data between devices. Although, it’s not as straightforward as Telegram and WhatsApp. It functions with just the same operating system (doesn’t work between different operating systems).

All you need to do manually is move Signal’s chat data from your old Android device to a particular folder in your new device. Next up, enter the 30-digit passphrase to decrypt the backup.

This new chat migration tool makes the entire process simple and straightforward. If you want to change from WhatsApp or Telegram to Signal don’t be worried about losing your chat when switching devices.

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