New: Whatsapp Let You Mute Videos Before Sharing

Lets see how To use WhatsApp Mute Video New Feature works.

WhatsApp’s new features on Android devices, let you mute videos easily by tapping an option before sharing them. The social media platform now offers editing tools that enable you mute a video. 

You can now remove the audio from your video before you share it with your contacts or groups, or before you post them on your WhatsApp story.

Whatsapp Let You Mute Videos Before Sharing

The new mute feature appears on the video editing screen, which allows you to mute the videos with a single tap.

According to the WhatsApp Twitter account, the new feature is available to all Android users, irrespective of the android version.

It is not yet clear when this feature will be available to IOS users, hopefully, it won’t be that long.

How To Use The Mute Option In Whatsapp | How To Mute WhatsApp Videos

Finding and accessing the mute feature is not difficult, the social media platform has placed the feature at a convenient place.

To enable the mute feature on your Android phone:

  1. Select a video that you want to share with someone on your contact list or send to your story
  2. When the video opens in WhatsApp’s built-in video editor, you will see a sound icon at the top
  3. Tap this sound icon to mute your video
  4. Your video will now be sent without the audio

This action won’t edit the actual video on your phone. Your original video remains intact.  If you can’t access the mute feature on your WhatsApp, it’s likely the feature hasn’t yet been rolled out in your province.

The social media platform is gradually rolling out the feature, and so you should gain access to it in the coming days.

Note: Check to be sure you have the latest WhatsApp Version on your device . If you don’t, you can visit the google play store to download immediately so can have the feature on your device.

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