How To Upload Twitter Video On Android, iPhone, and PC – Simple Steps

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Twitter Video – Twitter is a social media platform that allows millions of internet users keep in contact with friends and also with happenings all over the world. You want to be up to date with the happenings in the life of your favourite artiste or celebrity by simply following them on the platform. It is an awesome platform for you to keep in touch with news updates and interact with friends. However Tweeter is known for its short messages and short videos which makes it catchy and demanding so you have to utilize this well.

All you have to do is scan through your favourite threads and enjoy watching Twitter videos and viewing photos as well. But twitter is not just for fun but also a platform for promoting your business, selling your ideas and getting involved with happenings all over the world. All you need is to get people to follow and others to follow you back and keep the fun going. Twitter has awesome features that make being on the platform a wonderful experience for users and twitter video is one of them.

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Features And Benefit Twitter Video

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms with millions of internet users. Sometimes you find yourself lost with no one to keep in touch with, your account may seem docile. posting just text messages as tweets may not get you as much followers as you want.

But with twitter videos you are likely to get as many users interested in your account as possible. Twitter video helps you get on a personal level with your followers, so whenever you post videos you are likely to get followers tweeting back.

You can tell your stories, show exciting parts of your life and have a powerful connection with your followers. as a business owner you can also market your products using twitter videos, and give customers better insights into your business. So it is not just about fun but also the profits you can make from the platform using this feature. You have to agree that according to statistics twitter users interact more with twitter video. Since Twitter videos play automatically, it instantly draws attention of users once they are on the platform.

Twitter has to do with posting short messages and videos so you communicate with frinds by making brief videos and sharing. Tweeter is fun but tweeter videos make it even more fun, so join the fun and share videos of yourself.

So if you love making videos of yourself and sharing to friends, you can definitely do so on your mobile device or through your browser. All you need  is twitter, internet connected device and you can share what you wish to your followers. But do bear it in mind that the video is only 30 seconds long.

How To Upload Twitter Video On Your Mobile Device

To make a twitter video and share it to your friends all you have to do is:

  • Tap the camera icon on your twitter app
  • Then tap the video recorder icon to make a video. You can easily make video by simply holding down the video icon down and releasing your hold when you are done.
  • You can also add more clips by holding the record button down again and arrange clips together by dragging and dropping pieces together.
  • You can delete the video before posting by simply tapping and dragging it to delete.
  • Preview your video before posting, Tweeter editing features are not really awesome so you have to preview and edit before posting on tweeter.
  • You can then upload your video by simply tapping DONE and then tap TWEET
  • You can remove videos you have already posted by clicking the X button on the post.

How To Twitter Upload Video From Your Computer

You can upload Twitter video from your computer by simply:

  • Visiting twitter homepage
  • Then login your account using your login details
  • Once logged in, click on the icon to add photos or videos, then you can select file from your computer
  • The file will be attached to your tweet, you can write a text and add to the video
  • Then click TWEET to upload

How To Upload Twitter Video On ios Devices

 If you already have the twitter app on your phone, it is quite easy to use twitter on your device.

  • Simply tap the twitter app on your mobile device
  • Tap the new tweet button to create a new tweet, you can then tap your Gallery to upload a file from your phone or tap the CAMERA icon to make a new video.
  • Tap the video you wish to upload and edit and trim to the size you want.
  • When you are done, you can then tap the TWEET button to share video.
  • You can also decide to upload live videos by tapping the LIVE button and end recording by tapping END VIDEO then you can share for followers to watch.

You can make your tweeter page a fun place to visit, make exciting twitter video of yourself and keep other users engaged in your account. It is totally fun!

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