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Facebook Selling Groups – Thousands of Facebook selling groups are gradually springing up with the main aim of creating a platform for selling items and promoting businesses.

You can find selling groups in your location by simply searching them on Facebook search bar, join them, and start selling your products.

Most business owners join as many Facebook selling groups as possible to create awareness for their products and gain more buyers for their products.

Facebook selling groups is one of the quickest ways of selling items on Facebook and expanding your business; you can find potential buyers in the groups and advertise your product to them.

Facebook Selling Groups

Each Facebook selling group has its own specific title and purpose, so you have to join one that matches your type of business. You can also decide to create a selling group yourself, add members and start promoting your business and selling items on the platform.

How To Create Facebook Selling Groups

You can create buy and sell groups on Facebook same way you create other Facebook groups only that you have to make sure its name, goals and members represent the business purpose of the group.

  • On your menu bar on your Facebook screen, scroll to the group section and click GROUPS
  • Click CREATE GROUP link
  • This will open a new page where you can begin to add your group details
  • Enter a group name that befits the purpose of creating the group on the NAME YOUR GROUP option
  • Then add members of your group on the ADD SOME PEOPL E option on the page, you will need to add at least one friend to your group in order to create your group, this is required by Facebook.
  • You have to choose your privacy settings; you will have to decide how much privacy you want for your group. There are different privacy options for closed group, open group and secret group, you can look through Facebook graphic of the different types of group, and decide which you want your group to be.
  • Then click CREATE, after choosing Facebook group privacy settings by tapping the create button.
  • You can add a cover image for your Facebook group, you have to choose an image that represents your group’s name or purpose. Use the appropriate size for your group’s cover photo which differs from that for your personal account and business page.
  • Complete the about section, add important details of your groups for prospective members, since it is your business group, you have to add such details for people to know that it is a business group.
  • The next step is to edit group settings, you have different option you can change like group name, description, group type, linked pages, privacy settings, membership approval. You can decide to set up group address, add an email where people can send messages to your group directly, you can change group description, change posting permissions and decide if only admins should be posting in the group, you can also edit post approval and decide of posts must be approved by admin.
  • Once you are done editing some important details for your new group, click SAVE. And you are done, you officially have your own Facebook group for promoting your business, and you can post your business contents from time to time.

How To Turn Off Or On The Buy And Sell Group Feature

You must be the owner of group or an admin to have access to changing this feature when you want. To turn on feature:

From any page, click the MENU link, then click GROUPS and select your group

  • Then tap INFO at the bottom of the page, and then click on EDIT GROUP SETTINGS
  • Tap the current group type and choose BUY AND SELL, then finally tap save
  • To turn it off simply follow the same steps, then tap BUYAND SELL as the current group type, then choose a new group type and click SAVE.

How To Sell On Facebook Selling Groups

Selling items on Facebook selling groups is quite easy; just follow the steps below to start selling items on Facebook selling groups.

  • Click the menu icon, then tap GROUPS and choose the buy and sell group you would like to sell in.
  • Tap on WHAT ARE YOU SELLING? At the top of the group
  • Enter the info about the item you are selling and tap POST
  • Once you have sold items on the groups, it is often a good idea to delete post or indicate that the items have already been sold. To mark an item as sold on Facebook selling group follow these steps:
  • Click the GROUPS from your news feed and select the selling group you sold an item in.
  • Locate the original post of the item you sold in the group
  • Click the top right of the post and choose MARK AS SOLD option.

Facebook selling groups are awesome platforms for selling your products; don’t miss out on this opportunity to create a wider audience for your business and gain buyers as soon as possible.

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