Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Cross Chat Feature Coming Soon

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Cross Chat feature is really going to an interesting Features.

Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram and WhatsApp, it has been working towards making the content on one platform accessible on another more seamless. It looks like the social media platform intends to make this possible with a new feature.

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Cross Chat

Facebook is speculated to be working on merging two of its instant messaging platform together. The social media platform is reportedly working on a cross chat feature that will involve both WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, Facebook messenger will be able to send messages directly to users on WhatsApp without login out of the Facebook platform.

Facebook’s Cross Chat Feature

Developer Alessandro palazzi hinted that Facebook is all set to bring integration support for both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. The company is already collecting the code for a local database that is in progress. The report hint that social networking company will use the same encryption and decryption protocol as WhatsApp for this cross chat feature

It is quite interesting to be able to send messages to WhatsApp contacts directly from Facebook messenger.

An official announcement for when this feature will roll out to the public is yet to be confirmed by the social media platform.

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