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Facebook Messenger Quiz Planet – With games right on messenger it becomes quite difficult to leave the platform and it becomes much more fun to spend time with friends right on the platform.

Facebook messenger quiz planet is one of the most played trivia games on Facebook messenger, according to Facebook statistics, there are about 8 million people playing the game on messenger.

Facebook messenger quiz planet

If you are a game lover, you must have come across to this game and got engrossed in playing this game just like many other Facebook users. This game is a great test of knowledge and you can challenge your friends to play with you to find out who is smarter.

How To Play Quiz Planet On Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is no longer just an app for chatting with friends, when you get bored or tired of chatting with friends you can play instant games right on the platform.

Quiz planet is one of the most popular trivia games on messenger that has got millions of users really engrossed in Facebook messenger games.  You are missing out on a whole lot of fun if you are not already playing this game, if you wish to play this game, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Facebook messenger account
  • Search for instant games on the search bar
  • Then tap on the first result that shows
  • Once you click on this result, you will find quiz planet game on the page.
  • If you do not find game through this process, then you have to search for quiz planet on the instant games page’s search bar.
  • Then you can play game easily from there
  • Or you can open a conversation and click the plus icon which gives you more options
  • And tap the game controller icon GAMES
  • Then you can pick Quiz planet from the list of games on the page.
  • And start playing game right on your messenger app.

Facebook Messenger Quiz Planet Game Sections

To play Facebook Messenger Quiz Planet, you have to choose a specific section from the list of sections available and choose the right answers to questions pertaining to the section you choose.

Once you choose a segment, you and your friends are given five questions that you have to find right answers to, you have three options to choose from and you have to choose just one right one to get one rocket.

You have to find the right Quize planet answers to each question within a particular time frame if you don’t come up with an answer before your time elapses you lose. You have to choose from these sections when playing the game:

Beauty and fashion





Body and soul




Food and Drinks





Literature and Language

Animals and plants

TV shows and Series

Customs and Traditions

Society and Politics

How To Play Facebook Messenger Quiz Planet With Cheats And Anwsers

Lots of players quit from this game when they get tired of losing; it can be quite stressful and annoying when you keep losing, well you don’t have to lose anymore because we are right here to teach you the cheat you need to keep winning in this game.

However, in order to achieve results with these Facebook Messenger Quiz Planet cheats, you don’t have to relax you need to be smart and fast; keep your brain alert. Pay close attention to these tips if you wish to win in this game:

  • When choosing a section, make sure you choose one you are fond of
  • You can also make use of search engines like Google to get quick answers to questions, you can use another device for your search or you can minimize your screen to use search engine on the same device you are using to play the game.
  • Also make use of automation and bots, you need to be as fast as possible if you want o use this cheat to find answers to the questions before your time expires.

Facebook Messenger Quiz Planet helps you become conversant with a particular section you choose, it can help improve your knowledge about that specific section and it is fun as well.

When it gets rather difficult for you to supply right answers to the questions you have been given, you can use the cheat we have shown you to get the right answer.

Using the cheat doesn’t mean you have to relax, you have to be smart and fast as well to beat time and get accurate answers for the questions. Quiz planet is a game for the test of knowledge, you can show your friends who is smarter by using these cheats we have shown you to keep getting the right answers to questions.

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