Games on Facebook Free to Play Online – Facebook Games List

Games on Facebook free to play online are on the rise and have become big business for some people. With the Facebook application platform, game developers now have an unprecedented opportunity of tapping into existing social connections for both compelling gameplay and viral promotions for their titles.

Facebook lovers have embraced these games in droves and most of these games are pretty fun. There are lots of games to play for free on Facebook, and you can use these interesting games to relax and pass time.

The Facebook gaming platform has offered gamers all over the world the opportunity to have fun and at the same time learn and connect with other gamers.

One of the biggest reasons behind Facebook’s popularity among the masses is the huge array of games that the service supports. Some top games on FB have millions of online players daily. This makes it one of the biggest gaming platforms in the world.

Types of Facebook Games

Facebook offers two different types of games. The first is the simple web player games. Anyone with an internet access can access and play these games without having to download a thing.

The second type is those played in the Facebook Gameroom. These games typically require you to download files on your system and acts more like normal games that you are already used to playing.

Facebook have the following categories of gaming platforms:

  • Facebook Instant Games
  • Facebook Gameroom

The icing on the cake is that Facebook offers these games for free for their users to access. There’s also another set of games known as “Facebook Secret Games”. These are Facebook Messenger games and can sometimes be accessed by sending a particular sports icon.

Facebook Instant Games

Knowing that you may not have to play lengthy games, Facebook has initiated the Facebook Instant Games. These are swift games, which do not in any way take your time. Just as the name suggests “Instant”, these games are very short. Apart from being short, they are really interesting and engaging games.

Here’s how to find Facebook instant games:

  • Visit your Facebook search bar.
  • Key in the word “Instant Game”
  • Tap on the “Visit” link.

And just like that, you can access the FB Instant Games and play for free without a charge.

Facebook Gameroom

FB Gameroom is adjudged the no 1 when it comes to gaming. You can install FB gameroom on your Facebook account. On this platform, you will get access to the best of games in different categories.

To access the Facebook gameroom:

  • Search for it with the aid of your FB search bar.
  • Enter the word “Facebook Gameroom”
  • Tap on the “Visit” option.

The steps are similar to that of searching for Instant Games. Once you get on the portal, you will get the best amongst the best of games.

Additionally, Facebook offers users the access of inviting their friends to play a game they enjoy and gives room for gamers to challenge themselves.

Some Games on Facebook Free to Play Online

WSOP Poker App

WSOP poker Facebook game is a game you can play with your friends online. With this game, you can work your way through the app and battle at the tables to win a real WSOP bracelet in the online game allowed to give them away.

To start a virtual home game for free, you just have to sit at a cash game table and tap on the “+” sign next to the empty seat. Thereafter, you and your friends can play poker together on this fun, entertaining, and surprisingly realistic Facebook game.


Slotomania is a popular Facebook game and comprehensive free-to-play mobile app by Playtika that gathers titles with an array of different themes.

For whatever fairytale-themed slots you are looking for be it Despicable Wolf or classic all-timers in the face of Rapid Fire, you’ll definitely find what you are looking for.

With the game, there are daily quests, level-ups, and a ton of content to unlock as you play, this means this app is never boring.

With this game, you will constantly get free chips from various sources, even if you like to bet on the big side, you’d still have enough to go on.

Slotomania operates smoothly on the desktop through Facebook and mobile through its own dedicated mobile apps. This makes it one of the finest additions to the list of Facebook games to play.

Clash of Clans

This is one simple Facebook game that is simple yet addictive. On this game, you can build a village, gather a clan, and enter glorious clan wars with other players.

Brimming with 10 million monthly users on average, you’ll never run out of opponents to beat.

Games on Facebook free to play online comes with great graphics and smooth gameplay on the Facebook games ever created.

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