Facebook Guarantees Tougher Punishments For Groups Breaking The Rules

The social media platform is getting tougher on groups that are repeatedly breaking the Facebook app rules. If a particular Facebook group keeps infringing Facebook policies, the platform promise to increase the severity of its punishment incrementally until the group is evicted.

The social media platform will start by displaying notifications to users if they are about to join a group that has repeatedly violated the social media community standards. The prompt will give users two options to lick from, review group, and join group anyway. This will give users a chance to reconsider joining the group in question.

Facebook will also limit invite notifications for these types of groups, which may discourage users from participating. Existing members will not come across content posted by the rule-breaking groups on their newsfeed. Making it tougher for them to find.

If a vast number of group members have violated Facebook’s community standards, the group moderators and admins will have to temporarily approve all posts, and if this continues the platform will be taken down altogether.

The social media company has plans on holding group members responsible as well. If a user has continually broken Facebook rules. They will be restricted from commenting or posting on any group on Facebook, the user in question will be ban from creating new groups or inviting other users to groups.

Facebook says that it will outright remove groups and people, instead of pulling users privileges gradually on the platform.

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