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Facebook Ad Cost – Business owners who are new to Facebook advertising keep asking how much Facebook ad costs; well, it depends, there are factors that determine the price you pay for each Facebook ad.  Facebook ad costs don’t have a general pricing system; each cost depends on various factors like bidding, ad quality, ad relevance and others.

Facebook acts like an auction in which ads are given to the highest bidder and the highest bidder, in this case, is not really the buyer with the highest amount of money, though this is also taken into consideration when choosing the highest bidder. There are other factors that are taken into consideration such as ad with high quality and relevance of ad to the specific audience for the ad.

Facebook Ad Cost

 Facebook auction affects the cost for Facebook cost, so you have to take this into consideration when buying Facebook ads. It is however, up to you to decide how much budget you want to set for Facebook ads and you have to wait for facebook’s approval before you can use ad.

How Much Does Facebook Ad Cost? / Facebook Advertising Cos

When setting your budget for Facebook ads, it’s important to know your objective and ad reach before deciding how much you want to spend on Facebook. You have to consider your objective for Facebook ads, know your ads impression and conversions and pay only for that.

You can set your budget; determine how much you want to pay for Facebook advertising daily, monthly or over the course of the campaign. Reach and frequency determine the exact budget you need to reach your target audience.

Facebook ad cost varies depending on certain factors like Facebook ad objective, audience, ad quality, bidding type and amount and your industry. So, you have to take these into consideration while setting your budget for Facebook ads.

Well, Facebook ad can cost averagely about $0.27 per click if you want to measure Facebook ad costs per click but if you are measuring cost per thousand impressions, Facebook ads cost about $7.19.

Monthly Facebook ad cost for small businesses can reach up to $500 to $1,500 per month but there isn’t really any minimum monthly Facebook ad cost. But then Facebook ads costs depend largely on some factors, so you can’t really say there’s a specific cost for each Facebook ad.

Facebook acts like an auction, the highest bidder is not just the buyer with the largest amount of money but ads with high value contents that would delight users are taken into consideration. Facebook ad cost is also determined by this Facebook auction and you can manually adjust this from the pricing and bidding section.

If you don’t do so manually, Facebook will automatically calculate a bid for you based on the budget you set for Facebook ad and how long you want your ad to run. Many other advertisers are probably trying to get same ad space; this is why Facebook auction is done to give ad space to the highest bidder.

Facebook looks at certain options before considering you as the highest bidder in Facebook ad auctioning; Facebook looks at how much you are willing to pay, finds out the relevance of your ad to the defined audience and also find out the projected ad success.

So, when you have a good bid, create high value contents that have high relevance to your target audience, you stand a chance of being the highest bidder. This goes a long way in determining how much you pay for ad. Factors that influence the cost of Facebook ads include: Audience, Bid, Competition, Ad objective, Ad placement and Ad quality, so Facebook ad cost varies depending on these factors.

How To Buy Facebook Ads or Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads are available for business owners and page owners to advertise their products to the right audience. With Facebook ads, you will definitely reach the target audience you want amongst the 2 billion users on Facebook, any kind of audience you want to reach is definitely on Facebook. There are specific steps you have to follow to create Facebook ads, and we are help to walk you through it.

  • Go to Ads Manager, and then choose Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffics, Video Views, Lead Generation, Messages, Conversations, Catalog Sales or Store Visits as your ad objective. Then tap the CONTINUE button
  • Select your Destination
  • Select your Audience and also define your targeting
  • Then you have to choose either AUTOMATIC PLACEMENTS or EDIT PLACEMENTS, automatic placements are often recommended.
  • Also select your Budget and Schedule, and then click NEXT once you are done
  • Select your Ad’s creative format
  • Click DONE and then PLACE ORDER once you are done setting up your ad.
  • Your ad will be made available on various platforms or specific platforms you choose to advertise your products. You can run ads on Instagram, messenger, Facebook and other audience network. You can also decide to show ads across any device your audience might be using. Once you select automatic placements, your ads will be shown on different platforms
  • You can manage and edit your ads in the ADS MANAGER, you can check if your ads are working effectively and make adjustments.

You need to create outstanding and creative ads that your target audience will like if you want your ad to be considered one of the best during Facebook auctioning. Remember that there are other business advertisers in need of the ad space you probably want, so you have to try your best to reach Facebook conditions if you want to be considered the highest bidder.

Once your bidding and amount, ad quality and ad relevance are better than that of your competitors, you will definitely be chosen as the highest bidder. Buying Facebook ads doesn’t mean you automatically get the ads, you will have to wait for Facebook’s approval before your ads can start running.

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