Change Facebook Number | How To Change Phone Number on Facebook

To change Facebook number, means you are either adding a new mobile number to your account, or you are switching the old number, with another one.

To Change Facebook number can be necessitated by some factors like;

  • You can Change Facebook Number if you have discarded your old number
  • If you have just purchased a new number
  • Change Facebook Number, if you want to keep your private number just to your friends and close acquaintances etc.

These and many more, are some of the factors that necessitate a change of Facebook number.

Some Facebook users have their number connected to their Facebook accounts. And once this number, gets linked to your account, it becomes visible for all to see.

Change Facebook Number

This number display by Facebook may be cool for some Facebook users, while it may not be so cool for others. To this end, some Facebook users, try to change their more private number to keep it to themselves, their close friends and families, while displaying the “not so” private number for all to see.

Adding your number to your Facebook profile comes with some advantages of its own. These advantages are;

  • Text messages updates
  • Activity notifications
  • Helps in password recovery
  • For easier account logins.

With all these advantages attached to having your number linked to your profile, some user’s, may still want to change their Facebook Phone number on the platform to keep benefiting from the above-mentioned advantages.

If this is the case,  Facebook offers simple steps, with which users can use to achieve this change of Facebook number.

Before we take you thru the simple steps to change Facebook number you must take note of this;

  • To change Facebook number, you must, first of all, remove the old number, and after that, tap on the + icon to follow the steps to change to another number on your Facebook account.

Change Facebook Number

To change Facebook number,

  • Tap the “v” icon, located at the top right corner of the screen
  • Tap on the “Settings” icon
  • Next, tap on mobile
  • Tap on the “Change number” icon, to change to a new number
  • Type in your phone number, and tap on the “Continue” icon.

There!!! To change Facebook number is complete. You can now stay updated with all your Facebook notifications, text messages and have your easy logins, only with a change of Facebook phone number.

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