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Facebook notification, alerts you about activities on Facebook. These notifications is used by Facebook to keep you abreast of what is happening on the social media platform.

Facebook notifications, can be sent to you via text or email, for almost all of the things that happen on the Facebook social media site.

Facebook notification alert you, if a new message has been sent to you, or if your name has been mentioned in a post. Notifications, are also sent to you. When you are tagged in a photo or comments made on your wall, amongst other things. These happenings, which your being notified about, will also pop up, immediately you log into Facebook.

Facebook offers various types of notifications, based on the platform you are using. These various types of notifications intimate you on the kind of message you have been sent, befriend request, message etc. All these, come with various icons to intimate you on what to look forward to.

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Types of Facebook Notification

Here let’s take a look at the various types of notifications Facebook offers.

  • Red Alert Notification: Under red alert notification, we have notifications, that pop up above. These icons, are represented by the human head, cloud, and globe. When a new notification rolls in, a red bubble will pop up, with the number of new notifications you’ve gotten. The friend request notification icon, pops up separately as well as the message notification icon, while the rest of your notifications pops up over the globe or bell icon. These icons can be clicked at any time to view your notifications.
  • Email Notifications: These notifications, are those you receive thru email
  • Push Notifications: Push notifications, are notifications that pops up when you’re not actively using Facebook. This notification, helps you re-engage with your friends on Facebook.

Desktop Only:

Pop-up Notification: These are notifications, that appears on your screen, when you are logged into Facebook, and a friend interacts with you. You can either click on the notification, to view the story, or tap X to have the notification closed.

Mobile Only

Text Only: These, are notifications you receive thru mobile text messaging (SMS).

These are the various types of Facebook notification you get as you engage on the Facebook social media platform.

Facebook notification, helps keep you updated with what’s trending among your Facebook audience, to help you better connect and interact with your friends on Facebook. With Facebook notification, you stay updated on the go

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