Simple Steps To Change Facebook Username and Types of Facebook Username Prohibited

Users can change Facebook Username, but that will be once. A Facebook username enables people to easily locate you on Facebook. It is a part of your public profile, which helps your friends and family easily access you on Facebook. A Username, is the web address, for your profile page, which can only be changed once.

Change Facebook Username

The rules to Change Facebook Username has become more stringent than ever before, as users are restricted on the number of times, they can change their names on Facebook, due to spam, like writing names in stylish fonts, fake name, and the likes.

Before now, Facebook has been more liberal with its change of names rules, as users could change their names, multiple times. Now to Change Facebook Username, you have to wait for 60 days, as this is the limit set by Facebook for users. In this 60 days period, users can only choose the name from the names listed earlier.

Note; If you write your single name using some tricks, special font more like spam, which is not spotted by Facebook, etc. then you will get blocked, from changing your name for life.

Thus, it is advised you should be cautious while changing your name and put your real name, and choose an easy to remember and search Username.

Types of Facebook Username Prohibited 

To start the Facebook Username change process, note the following;

  • Offensive or suggestive contents of any kind is not allowed
  • Characters from multiple languages are prohibited
  • Titles of any type (like professional, religious, etc.) are not allowed
  • Repeating, characters or punctuation, symbols, unusual capitalization, and
  • Using Nicknames, words or phrases, instead of a middle name.

You can’t claim a Username that someone is already using.

Now that we know the restrictions on ground let’s proceed to how you can change your Facebook Username.

Change Facebook Username

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Scroll to the Facebook username changing the page
  • Fill in the username; you desire to use, for your profile, confirm if it’s available. If it is, tap on “Create.” Or you can alternatively choose, any of the usernames that are suggested by Facebook. It is advised you carefully choose your Username
  • Tap on “Confirm.” Confirm that this is the Username you want to use, as you won’t be able to change your Username later.

There, you just changed your Facebook Username, enjoy it.!!!

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