Anonymously Block Facebook Friend or Someone on Facebook You Don’t Want

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Block Facebook Friend – Facebook enables you to block friends you no longer want from your friends list. Blocking these friends on Facebook means you can’t start a conversation with them, or have them added as friends.

When you block Facebook friend, you instantly, unfriend that friend, and you will no longer have access to seeing their posts or starting a conversation with them. As you block your Friend on Facebook, Facebook, won’t sent them notifications, that they have been blocked, and they may not know they have been blocked.

Facebook friends, can be blocked, from seeing contents you post on your profile. They can also be blocked from initiating a conversation with you as well as adding you as their friend, amongst other things.

Block Facebook Friend

If you Block Facebook friends, can’t do the following;

  • Have access to view the things you post to your profile
  • They can’t tag you in posts, comments or photos
  • Initiate a conversation with you
  • Can’t invite you to events or groups
  • Can’t add you as a friend

Note also that while all the friends you block on Facebook, may not be able to do the things mentioned above, blocking someone on Facebook, may not stop all communications or interactions, like those in apps or groups. The friend you block on Facebook only affects your interactions with that friend on Facebook.

Note, also that if you block someone on Facebook, and later have a change of mind towards getting him/her back on your friend’s list, you will have to send them a new friend request.

Having gone thru all the implications associated with blocking someone on Facebook, if you are still willing to go ahead and block that Facebook friend, read on to see how.

 Block Facebook Friend – How To Someone on Facebook

To block  Facebook friend, you need to follow the steps below

  • Click on the “?” icon at top right of any Facebook page
  • Click on the Privacy Shortcuts
  • Then on “How do I stop someone from bothering me” icon
  • Type in the name of the friend you want to block, and tap “”
  • Choose the particular person you want to block from the list that pops up and taps “Block” again.

In case you can’t locate the friends you want to block with this method, navigate to the friend’s profile, and choose “Block” from the three dots menu on the friends cover photo.

If you are constantly being harassed on Facebook by friends, you can block that Facebook friend now and put an end to the incessant messages, tags or conversations you don’t appreciate.

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