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Ads on Tiktok – You can’t block ads on TikTok app, you can focus on blocking ads on TikTok that appear in your browser while you’re browsing the internet. This blog post will teach you how to block ads on TikTok you see while browsing the internet from a phone, computer, or tablet. You cannot block ads that appear when you are using the TikTok app.

Method One: Report Pop-Up and Banner Ads

1. Click the information icon on the ad. You will usually see this at the bottom right corner of the TikTok ad that shows up when you are browsing the internet. A box will pop-up that explains reason you are seeing that ad.

Ads on Tiktok

2. Click on “Stop seeing this ad”. You will not see that particular ad during your browsing session (until you open your browser again), so you’ll need to report the ad in future to stop seeing it when it reappears again.

3. Select a reason you want to stop seeing the ad. You can choose between “Irrelevant,” Inappropriate,” and “Repetitive.”

4. Click on “Send”. As soon as you hit “Send,” the ad should go away and you should not see it again during your browsing session (when you open your browser again, you will have to go through this process again).

Method Two: Protecting Your Phone or Tablet

1. Delete problem apps. If you do not know which apps are a problem, you can uninstall your apps one by one in Safe mode. When you use Safe Mode, all your third-party apps are disabled and cannot send or receive information, thus protecting your phone from any malicious content while you uninstall apps.

  • An app that might be a problem includes any free, ad-supported app, like Solitaire, which makes sure you watch an ad before you can continue. Some of these apps have bugs that make the ad to glitch and appear on your phone even when you aren’t using it.
  • To activate Safe mode for Android, you will need to press and hold the power button till the icons for “restart”, “power off”, and “emergency mode” appear. Tap and hold the “power off” icon till you get notified that your device will restart in Safe mode.
  • To restart in Safe mode for iOS, you’ll need to turn off your phone holding the home button and power button, then remove your finger from the home button and press on the volume up button when the Apple logo appears.

2. Restart your device after each app you uninstall. You will want to start your phone again, not in Safe mode, after each app you remove to see if your phone is acting normally again.

  • You can use Safe modes on iOS and Android to deactivate any 3rd party services and apps so you can safely remove apps.

3. Reboot your phone as normal. To get your phone out of Safe mode, you can tap the notification that you’re using Safe mode (Android) or start your phone again without pressing any extra buttons (iOS).

4. Install an ad blocker. If you visit a lot of sites with distracting ads, an ad blocking app on your phone, your computer, or tablet may tame the issue.

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