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Add PayPal to Facebook shop – If you are a beginner in selling products online, then Facebook is the safest place to do that. Using PayPal with your Facebook store is simple to access and very easy for you and your Facebook fans including your customers.

The most important benefit of putting up a Facebook shop is the ability to keep customers inside Facebook lite without forcing them to enter into another website.

However, using PayPal with the Facebook shop is very easy and it’s a great option for business merchants.

Add PayPal to Facebook shop

PayPal and Facebook shop – how it works

Facebook has given it’s users an opportunity to put up a shop for advertising and selling of their products.

Business merchants advertise their products on Facebook shop to sell while customers got to add items to their cart without leaving their favorite social platform “Facebook” while PayPal gives you a powerful way to process, organize, and analyze your Facebook shop transactions.

Facebook shop is the best place to get latest and greatest tips for Facebook selling and marketing on Facebook shop.

With the Facebook shop, it is easy to display and sell your products directly via your Facebook page. Facebook shop empowers business merchants to provide customers with a safe, fast, convenient and effective means to purchase products online.

Steps to add PayPal to Facebook Shop

Your PayPal account is connected to your Facebook account. To add PayPal to your Facebook shop requires no additional cost. Adding to Facebook shop on your Facebook page is quite easy, to add up PayPal, simply;

  • Sign up for a PayPal business account – visit PayPal websites to sign up.
  • Sign up for Facebook store.
  • Login to shop tab store account
  • Click settings.
  • Click buyer checkout.
  • Enter your PayPal email, choose your currency and select your language.
  • Shipping and taxes – control your shipping rates and taxes in your PayPal account and all settings will be added to the Facebook shop tab.
  • Add your Facebook shop products
  • Promote Facebook shop products to your fans and start driving sales.

How to browse items on Facebook using PayPal

 Browsing items on Facebook shop using PayPal as a payment method has been the general question of all Facebook users. Many do not know how to go about it, but here is a clue– Your customers can visit your Facebook shop and then enter your store to browse items like; clothing’s, jewellery, accessories, and so on. After selecting items customers add their selected items to their carts directly from your Facebook store and then checkout using PayPal card to pay for the charges.

Note; if you promote with high quality images, and you also follow Facebook new algorithm guidelines, you’ll be selling your products at a fast speed.

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