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Zelle Wells Fargo – New to this blog page, welcome – grab a drink and feel relaxed as we take a fun tour on the “Zelle Wells Fargo” keyword. Sound strange right, not to worry in the next three minutes you’ll have a better understanding of the “Zelle Wells Fargo” keyword.

If you have read my previous write up on Zelle, you must have known already that Zelle is a mobile payment and money transfer service that is supported by many U.S. banks and credit unions across the U.S. Wells Fargo happens to be one of Zelle credit union partners that supports the Zelle money transfer service.

Zelle Wells Fargo

This simply mean – the Zelle mobile payment and money transfer service app is integrated right into the wells Fargo site and mobile app to enable wells Fargo users send and receive money without a bank details.

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The biggest advantage of Zelle is that, it doesn’t charge a fee to send or receive money to and from abroad but the banks and credit unions that partners with Zelle may have fees charged.

You can check your bank or credit union site and apps to know their Zelle fees and charges.

Wells Fargo is not just bringing payments options to it’s customers by integrating Zelle money transfer service, instead the company is trying to Foster partnership with Zelle, sharing data agreements and helps to promote Zelle mobile payments as well.

Wells Fargo Review On Zelle Mobile Transfer Service

Many wells Fargo customers are already active on the Zelle mobile app prior to it’s integration into the company’s digital platforms. Approximately about $16billion Zelle payments was performed in 2017 and about $3.7 billion of that payment were made by Wells Fargo customers worldwide.

as we’ve worked with other Banks to develop and roll out Zelle, we’ve already seen how much our customers love the ability to safely and quickly send money to millions of people across the country, all with the mobile app and site” – says Betty Pitts, wells Fargo worker.

Is Zelle Safe To Use On Wells Fargo?

I will only say that you send money or make payment to trusted recipients when using Zelle on the wells Fargo app or site. Zelle does not carry same protections with a credit card or a debit card.

Wells Fargo Zelle Transfer Limits

Zelle offers transfer limits for transfer especially if your bank offers Zelle services, you are liable to transfer a huge sum of money. If you’re a Wells Fargo user and you want to send money using Zelle as a payment option in Wells Fargo, Zelle offers Wells Fargo users a $2500 daily transfer limit and a $20,000 monthly transfer limit.

In a nutshell, Wells Fargo customers can enroll with the Zelle payment and transfer service using their eligible checking or savings account only if they are registered wells Fargo users.

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