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Yahoo mail has been facing so many challenges lately, although it was able to overcome them. However, if you want to read your email using another email client, here is a step by step guide to achieve that.

Very possible! You can read your email from yahoo mail using any of your email clients like; Netscape, Eudora, outlook, Gmail, thunderbird, and more.

How To Read Emails With A Mail Client

Yahoo Mail

Configure yahoo mail

To do this you will have to;

  • Access your yahoo account
  • Click on option on the next page
  • Select mail options, next
  • Click on forwarding and POP

Proceed to choose web a POP access and hit the OK button. That is all it takes to configure your yahoo mail.

Follow the steps below to configure email client to complete the process.

Configure Email Client

To configure email client;

  • Open your account and login to email client address
  • In the space for the incoming mail (POP3):
  • Use an ssl connection, port: 995
  • Out going mail server (SMTP):
  • Use an SSL connection, port 465 with authentication
  • Email Address: your mail address
  • Your yahoo mail password

With the aforementioned steps you can now proceed to read your yahoo mail from other email clients.

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