Yahoo Mail Application – Yahoo Mail for Android – Free Download For PC or IOS

Yahoo Mail Application – Yahoo mail is a third largest web-based email service with more than 300 million users, an email service launched in 1997 and currently owned by Verizon provides four different email plans;

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Ad-free and
  • Business 
Yahoo Mail Application - Yahoo Mail for Android - Free Download For PC or IOS

What makes Yahoo Mail cool?

Apart from the fact that it’s one of the biggest mailing service, yahoo mail is well integrated with Twitter and Facebook alike, well-designed user interface with a newsfeed and the ability to browse Youtube directly from it has a search button with users mails orderly arranged.

In January 2014, it appeared Yahoo was hacked and a number of users login details were leaked, Yahoo contacted users apologizing and asking that passwords be changed. In October 2015 to prevent what happened in 2014 to occur again, Yahoo redesigned its mailing software introducing the Yahoo Account Key Feature, a password replacement system.

How to Download the Yahoo Mail Application

Well, you could always login to your Yahoo mail account via your device web browser, but that might seem to be strenuous and time-consuming, why not download the mobile application.

  • Visit your device application store or browser and search for Yahoo mail application.
  • It’s icon is a blue square like envelope.
  • Download and install it.
  • Note that if you do download from the web, you will need to activate the “Allow Installation of apps from unknown sources” under settings on your mobile device.

 The Uniqueness of the Yahoo Mail Application

The app is compatible with other mailing services such as Google Mail or Outlook, beautiful themes, and quite an interesting user interface. Every person that uses any kind of mailing service has the tendency to have a mail filled and messy inbox, Yahoo Mail application organizes and prioritizes emails based on user’s activities and preferences thereby categorising the mails into different parts.

The mail also makes subscribing and unsubscribing to newsletters or mailing lists easy and fast with a single tap in the subscription tab. there is also the Attachment view which has all your various documents sent to you via Yahoo mail. These and so much more make the Yahoo mail application Unique.

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