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www.Amazon.com is a world-recognized online shopping website. It is basically an American eCommerce company which is also into cloud computing.

Www.Amazon.com came into existence in the year 1994. It was designed by an American Jeff Bezos. Amazon online presently is rated the 4th most valuable public company in the world and 8th largest employer in the United state.


Few days back I was discussing with a friend and he made a statement which I never doubted. He said he has found out that everything you want to buy is available on Amazon online shop. To a great extent, I agreed with him because I have had a lot to do with Amazon online shopping and I noticed that as well.

If you are not using www.Amazon.com for your online shopping then you are missing a lot of good shopping experience. The market gives you a great advantage over buying any product. This is because there are so many product for sale and many choices to make.
Let go further to see what Amazon online shop has for us.

Amazon Sign Up & Amazon sign in 

For everyone who wants to get an Amazing online shopping experience, www.Amazon.com is highly recommended. Before any transaction can be made on Amazon you need to officially have an account with Amazon. Even as a seller or a buyer. Let me put you through on how to register an account.

How To Register on Www.Amazon.com

First, you need to know if Amazon has a specific website serving your country so you can make use of their link. Like we have Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon India etc.

Below, I will give you a proper guideline on how to open an Amazon account.

1. Visit the site through your browser www.Amazon.com
2. On the Parnell after the address bar, you will find a “sign in” click on it and you find a drop-down containing so many options that you can choose from.
3. Below the sign in button click “Start Here” and it will take you to a form which some info will be required. Such as Name, password, and email.
4. After all, this is done carefully, you can now start your shopping.

You don’t need to make any payment before you can register on Amazon.com
Now, for Amazon Login, you need to have an already existing account for you to log in. Then you can click on the sign in button at the right-top corner of the Home page and log in.

Amazon.com Product and Services.

Amazon as one of the largest online market has begun the business for several years now. They began as an online bookshop and later went on the sale of CDs, DVDs, blue-rays, video download and streaming, video games, software, electronics, audiobook download and streaming, MP3 downloads and streaming, apparel, furniture, toys, Jewellery e.tc. You can literally get every reasonable thing you need on Amazon online.
Www.Amazon.com has numerous product and services which include:
• AmazonFresh
• Amazon Prime
• Amazon Web Services
• Alexa
• Appstore
• Amazon Drive
• Echo
• Kindle
• Fire Tablets
• Music
• amazon wireless
• Amazon Studio
• Amazon Digital Game Store
• Music Unlimited
• Video
• Fire TV

Amazon Online Website

In the year 2008, the www.amazon.com domain has over 615 million visitors. It was also recorded in 2016 that Amazon had over 130 million visitors every month. This is quite amazing how they were able to manage such a huge amount of visitors.

Amazon has different websites design locally for some specific countries. The countries and the domain includes.
• America – Amazon.com
• Brazil – Amazon.com.br
• Australia – Amazon.com.au
• Mexico – Amazon.com.mx
• Canada – Amazon.ca
• United Kindom – Amazon.co.uk
• Spain – Amazon.es
• Italy – Amazon.it
• Netherlands – Amazon.nl
• France – Amazon.fr
• Japan – Amazon.co.jp
• Singapore – Amazon.sg
• China – Amazon.cn
• India – Amazon.in

The following listed amazon websites are constantly functional in each of these countries.

How To Buy with the Amazon Online Shopping App

The Amazon Shopping is designed specially to help you place an order from your comfort. When you place items in your cart using the Amazon Shopping App same item will also be available on the www.Amazon.com website.
With this Amazon Shopping App, you are not limited to what you can buy online. You can buy as many items as you can.

Below I will be showing you how you can order from the Amazon shop using your App.

Note: You need to install the Amazon Android App first. To install the app visit the Google play store, search for the Amazon Shopping App then Download and Install. It is just as easy as that.

NOW to order:
• To get the item you want to by visit the product detail page.
• Click the Add to cart
• Tap the shopping cart icon. If you are done with adding items to your cart.
• In any event, you need to make any changes to the Added items. Click save for later or tap the Delete next to the item in the cart.
• Click on “Process” so you can check out, then carefully follow the on-screen directions.
• To complete your buying, take your time to review your order to avoid receiving the wrong product.
• “Place your Order” to complete the purchase.

To ensure your order has been completed, you will find a confirmation on the screen.
Buying on Amazon will never be a big task at all. You can download your app now and start buying from your comfort.
What Amazon has for you, we can not exhaust them in this single article. In the nearest feature we will be coming up with a lot of other Amazon features you can take advantage of.


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