Will Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt Hold This Year: Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt and When It Starts

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Will Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt Hold This Year – For many that have been part in a Snapchat Egg hunt, you will now understand the reason why most users are really pushing for it return. It will be a great hit on users if the social networking platform decided to make this occasion possible this year. In this article we are going to be sharing what you should expect.

We are few days away to Easter and we don’t have an idea of what the occasion is going to be like in this season. Though COVID 19 could not stop the hunt for 2020 so I don’t see any reason why egg hunt won’t be holding this year.

Will Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt Hold This Year

What is Snapchat Easter egg hunt?

In this occasion, players use their phone’s location services to hunt down eggs through Snapchat’s Snap Map. For now, users hunt for eggs in through life to collect a lot of points as possible. Coloured eggs are worth 1 point, while shiny eggs are worth 5 points each.

using your phone’s camera, you can see virtual eggs pop up on the map as you move around. On the Snap Map, you can collect eggs with just a tap. Also, you get to come across “Chicks”. As you click on one, you get access to a mini-game which gives you the chance of earning 10 extra points.

Your score, along with the global score and your friends’ score, is in the top right corner of the Snap Map, but there’s no need to worry about your privacy.

When does the Snapchat 2021 Egg hunt begin?

At the current interview with Snapchat, here’s what we discovered about:

“It’s time to fill your basket because this season we will be hunting for eggs from home! We’re advising everyone to stay put and practice physical distancing due to COVID 19. Collect as many eggs as you can by April 12th without leaving your home!”

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