When Will Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt 2021 Begin and What You Need to Know?

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When Will Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt 2021 Begin and What you Need to Know? – As we are in few days from Easter celebration Snapchat had its own events prepared for its users that has made them need to get up and dynamic since 2019. Be that as it may, even the isolating of 2020 couldn’t stop the chase. Snapchat just made it easier to search for eggs at home if all things being equal.

Snapchat’s Easter egg hunt, which is also known as the mighty Snapchat Egg Hunt, it was a huge success a year ago with great loads of individuals asking for it to return this year. Despite the fact that Snapchat hasn’t made any authority declarations around a 2021 rendition of the game, all things considered, it will be launched without a moment to spare for Bunny Day.

When Will Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt 2021 Begin and What You Need to Know?

What is the Snapchat Easter egg hunt?

Snapchat’s egg hunt brings a great range of interesting components to Snapchat. In this event, players utilize their telephone’s area administrations to chase down eggs through Snapchat’s Snap Map. Consider it like Pokémon Go, besides rather than Pokémon, you’re getting eggs.

using through your telephone’s camera, you can find virtual eggs spring up on the guide as you move around. Each year, these eggs are at a wide range of public areas so there should be any difficulty over wellbeing or security.

In addition, players may also come across “chicks.” When you tap on one, a mini-game opens up and those give you the opportunity to win an additional one to 10 points.

When will the Snapchat egg hunt Start?

From the desk of Snapchat support group:

“It’s time to fill your basket because this year we will be doing the hunting for eggs from home! We’re encouraging everyone to stay put and practice physical distancing due to the COVID 19. So, you can Collect as many eggs as you can by April 12th without leaving your home!”

Each colored egg is worth 1 point and rare, shiny eggs are worth 5 points each! Check your score at the top of the Map. Your friends’ scores are shown on their Bitmoji baskets.

are you Low on points? locate a basket to unlock an egg candy machine that distributes eggs.

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