WhatsApp Payments: How to Setup, Send, and Receive Money

WhatsApp payments – One of WhatsApp’s features now allows you to send, receive, and set up money. Indian is going to have quite a large number of users performing their transactions through WhatsApp.

Facebook messenger, on the other hand, has been testing out its payment services in its country for over a year now with promises but weren’t able to meet up.

WhatsApp Payments

Now the WhatsApp has been granted approval by the NPCI( National Payment Cooperation Of Indian). This service payment actually granted access to 20millon users on WhatsApp while the messaging app has got over 400users in India.

Reasons being that the National Payment Cooperation of Indian gave access to a thirty percent (30%) cap to be implemented on total payment volumes through every third-party payment app (UPI) from January 1, 2021.

Just enable you  update the applications to the latest Android and iOS version.

Follow the steps below to help you out in setup, sending and receiving payment.

How to Setup WhatsApp Payment Account

Steps on how to setup your payment account are below.

  • Go to your WhatsApp.
  • There’s a three dotted icon at the top right of your screen, click on it.
  • Click on payment.
  • You’ll get list of bank names so select the name of the bank , your number will be verified.
  • Tap on the verify through SMS. Just ensure the WhatsApp number is the same as the one you linked to your bank account.
  • Next up will be the verification process. Once it’s complete, finish setup payment.
  • Set up a UPI pin for carrying out transactions just the way it is on other apps which will give you access to see the selected bank on the payments page.

How to Send or Receive Money on WhatsApp

 Here’s how to send or receive money via WhatsApp.

  1. Select the chat of the receiver or sender on WhatsApp.
  2. Head to the attachment icon on your phone.
  3. Click payment.
  4. Include the amount you would like to send to person alongside a note ( if you choose to).
  5. Next up, put in your UPI Pin.
  6.  A confirmation message will pop in once the process is complete.

  That’s all you’ll need to proceed with your Setup, sending, and receiving money. Have fun

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